Save Money on Newspaper Subscriptions

Quick Tips for Potential Savings

If reading the paper is your usual morning habit, and if the money pages are one of your favorite sections, then think about putting the two together—save money on your newspapers, too.

If you purchase your papers at the local newsstand, then you are paying top price for that newspaper every day. A subscription is a great way to go. And, if you already have a subscription, you still may be paying too much for the daily paper. 

Check out what you can do to save more on your newspaper subscription.

Ask for a Better Deal

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If you are paying more for your subscription than you would like to be, call the newspaper and ask for a better rate. If the organization feels they will be losing you as a customer, especially if you have been a long time, loyal customer, they will do what they can to retain you. It is often as simple as a little negotiation.

Purchase a Longer Subscription

Short-term or quarterly subscribers typically pay the highest subscription rates. Renew your subscription for a year at a time, and you could easily shave 20 percent off of your bill.

Switch Papers

You can get the best rates, like half off, as a new subscriber. Newspapers are continuously running introductory offers. If you are not picky about which newspaper you read, switch to a different paper each time your newbie discount runs out.

It never hurts to call the paper you are interested in reading to see if they have any deals available and the eligibility requirements. Most papers consider anyone who has not subscribed in the last six months to be a new subscriber.

Right-Size Your Subscription

Change the frequency of your paper. You can save yourself some cash by purchasing a weekend or Sunday-only subscription. This might be the best option for you if you do not have time to read the paper during the week, or you are only interested in content that comes in the weekend paper. This may save you from a pile-up of unread papers in your recycle bin, too.

Get an Online Subscription

Trade in your paper subscription for an electronic subscription. You'll get the same news stories at a fraction of the cost and without the daily trek to the curb. The news organization saves on newsprint and physical production, passing along the some of the savings to the customers.

Some newspapers allow you to read the newspaper's top stories for free via the news app. You may not get the entire newspaper, but you can get the most popular articles. Other papers have a cap for how many free articles you can read from the paper in a month. 

Buy from a Newspaper Discounter

Before you jump on a subscription offer, check out a newspaper discount subscription service, which can save you in subscription rates. Check to see if they have a better deal. They might, and for the few minutes it takes, it can be worth a look.