How to Win Halloween Costume Contests

When Halloween rolls around each year, it brings ample opportunity to win prizes through online costume contests, contests hosted by local businesses, and even friends' parties. If you'd like to win prizes this year, follow these five easy steps to learn how to win Halloween costume contests.

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Read the Rules Carefully

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When you find a Halloween costume contest that you want to enter, your first instinct might be to start brainstorming ideas right away. But hold on a minute; before you start thinking about costumes and props, read through the contest's rules thoroughly. Maybe even more than once.

It doesn't matter how great your Halloween costume is if you get disqualified on a technicality. So jot down guidelines for entry, the goal of the contest, the end date, and other pertinent details to make sure that your entry will be accepted.

While you're at it, also think about the costume contest's sponsor. You may have a leg-up on the competition if your contest entry ties into the right theme.

For example, if it's a costume contest at a friend's party, think about in-jokes or things that the group has in common. If the sponsor is a big corporation, think about whether your costume could take the company's products or image into account.

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Come Up with a Great Halloween Costume

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You're not going to win a Halloween costume contest with the same costume everyone else is wearing. Pick an idea that's unique, original, and reflects your personality.

Cute or funny costumes have an advantage over costumes that are gruesome (unless the contest is looking for something scary) since people tend to have a positive feeling toward them. Avoid the standard fare (like witches and vampires) or current costume trends unless you can add a unique twist.

In photos, you can use props along with the costume to make your image more eye-catching.

If you're looking for some inspiration for original Halloween costumes, Pinterest has over 1,000 images to browse through. You can also pull inspiration from stories in the news, popular movies, or wordplay.

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Use Personality to Make Your Halloween Costume Contest Entry Stand Out

Girl dressed as a superhero
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Whether you're entering a Halloween costume contest online with a photo or video or you're standing before the judges in a local costume contest, one sure-fire way to stand out from the competition is to really play up your role.

Coming up with a little background for a character that matches your costume might help you bring some personality to your costume. Don't be just "an angel" or "a superhero." Come up with a name, consider what would be important to your character, and bring that personality onto the stage or into the photo or video you take.

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Take a Great Halloween Costume Photo

Person Taking a Halloween Costume Contest Photo
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Many costume contests, especially those that take place online, base their judging on a photo of your Halloween costume. Even if you have a unique Halloween costume idea and have made it stand out with your personality, you need to take a prize-winning photograph to have a chance to win.

Judges will be looking at hundreds of photographs, so yours needs to be able to stand out from the crowd. 

If appropriate, use props to make your costume really pop. Use good lighting to highlight the subject's expression as well as the costume details. Also, try some unique camera angles so that you won't just be another person staring straight into the camera.

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Build Enthusiasm for Your Halloween Costume Contest Entry

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At this point, you've created a unique and fantastic Halloween costume. You've come up with a way to set it apart from the crowd, and you've taken a fantastic picture to submit to the contest (if necessary). Is there anything else you can do to help you win your Halloween costume contest?

For many contests, there is one final step: gathering votes for your entry.

If an in-person costume contest asks for input from the crowd when picking a winner, make sure that you work the room, talking to people and letting them get to know you and see your costume.

When it comes to getting votes for online contests, there are a lot of possibilities open to you. Make sure you check the rules to see if there are any restrictions regarding how you can go about getting votes. Then you can lobby your family and friends, join a Facebook voting group, or take out Facebook ads.

If it's not prohibited, you can join vote exchange forums and sweepstakes communities. For a bigger or more interesting prize, you can even see if your local news station might be interested in a human interest piece about your contest entry.