Free Roller Skating Passes for Kids

Kids Skate Free With These Free Roller Skating Passes

A pair of roller skates
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The Kids Skate Free program offers free roller skating for kids around the country. This is a great way for kids to stay active, improve balance, increase strength, and most importantly, have fun while they're getting healthy.

Great news! This program used to be available in the summer only but it's now offered all year long. Your child can enjoy skating at the local rink every week this year as long as it's at a qualifying skating rink.

How to Sign Up for the Free Roller Skating Passes

Visit Kids Skate Free and search by skating rink name or by location. It's there that you can see if a roller rink near you is participating in the Kids Skate Free program.

Choose the roller skating center near you to view how the passes work at your local rink. You can view the Kids Skate Free program details for the roller skating center you've selected. It includes the dates and times they can skate, age restrictions, skate rental cost, and any other details and restrictions that are specific to that roller skating rink.  Included is information on how to contact your rink for questions if you have further questions.

To get your child signed up for free roller skating passes, you'll need to register them for your local roller rink by choosing Sign Up At This Rink! to register for your free skating passes.

Provide your name, birthday, phone number, address, email, a password, and some basic information on the children you'd like to register for the free roller skating passes. You can sign up all your kids for the free passes on this page.

After you've registered, you'll receive an email that you'll need to validate in order to verify that you signed up for the Kids Skate Free program.

When You'll Get Your Free Roller Skating Passes

The first time you register for free skating passes, you'll get them almost immediately. After that, you'll get the free skating passes uploaded to an app that you can use for entry into the skating rink.

The MyHownd app, a local promotions app, is used for the passes at all the roller rinks that are participating. Every Monday, new passes are uploaded. There are two kids skate passes per child, per week. The passes are good for one week and expire the next Monday when the new passes are available.

The offer can simply be scanned or entered into the system at the roller rink. Be sure to pay attention to any fine print on the passes. There may be important limits and restrictions that you should be aware of.

Limits to be Aware Of

There's a limit of two kids that can be added to any one account. To add more people, you have to make another account with a different email address, such as one through Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook.

Be sure to check for restrictions that vary from rink to rink. You can do this by visiting the link to your local roller skating rink.

Through your local roller rink, you'll be able to find the age range for who receives the free passes, if skate rentals will cost you extra, and if you can use the free passes for a group rate or birthday party. Pay close attention to those details so that you know what to expect when you arrive.

Some roller rinks only accept the passes on certain days and at certain times, so be sure to check that information on your local roller rink page.

Adults need to be present with the children using the free passes, so they can't just be dropped off and left at the roller rink.