Why You Should Avoid Contacting the Sinister Demon Zozo


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Zozo is one of the more prominent and well-known demonic beings. From reality television shows to literature, Zozo is commonly reported as being behind paranormal activity and hauntings.

What Is Zozo?

No one knows what Zozo looks like or what type of being he is. But those who have come into contact with him report terrifying experiences. Most commonly contacted through a Ouija board, he seems to be a powerful demonic being with the potential to do significant physical and mental harm.

He sometimes goes by other names, such as ZoZo, Zaza, Zo, or Pazuzu. He has been around for hundreds of years.

Is Zozo Limited to Ouija?

While Zozo is most often connected with a Ouija board, it is possible that he can contact people outside the game as well, through other means. People have reportedly made contact with him during hypnosis, automatic writing sessions, and electronic voice phenomena (EVP).

Infamous Encounters

Darren Evans, a man from Oklahoma, reportedly encountered Zozo while using a Ouija board with his girlfriend. The demon reportedly shared information with Evans from the other side, and he became obsessed with Ouija. But over time, Zozo became more sinister.

Evans eventually had a nervous breakdown, claiming that demons were following him. The demon even threatened Evan's young daughter, saying he was going to steal her soul. She nearly died, and Evans realized he needed to take action. He pursued an exorcism to get Zozo away from his family, but it was a terrifying experience that left an impression. Evans now runs a site dedicated to warning people about the dangers of messing with Zozo.

Warning Signs

Like many demons, Zozo typically makes his presence known. Warning signs such as these supposedly indicate that you are meeting Zozo:

  • Rapid movements: If you are using an Ouija board, the planchette might begin moving rapidly. If you are undergoing hypnosis, the pendant or pendulum might begin to swing.
  • Announcements: Zozo might announce himself by spelling out his name.
  • Feelings of unease: You might feel a sudden weight of dread or unease descend upon you.
  • Darkness: You might see shadows moving, or the room you are in might get darker.

If you feel that Zozo is with you, do not panic, but take action to end the connection to prevent bodily or mental harm.

Breaking the Connection

If Zozo has contacted you, take the following steps to protect yourself:

  • Remain calm: Demons and other evil spirits feed off fear, so take deep, calming breaths and steady yourself.
  • Close the session: If you are playing Ouija, move the planchette to "goodbye" and formally close the game. If you are using another contact method, close it immediately.
  • Do not speak his name: Using his name gives him power. Avoid speaking about him or to him.
  • Seek help: If you feel you still have Zozo nearby, seek out help from a paranormal professional or a religious leader, such as a priest or rabbi.

Zozo is a dangerous demon, and you should use Ouija cautiously to avoid contacting him.