Yumiko Leotards

Ballerina stretching over her leg in studio
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Yumiko is a dancewear company specializing in handmade, made to order leotards. Yumiko allows dancers to choose their own style and mix-and-match color combinations and fabrics to create unique leotards. Yumiko also offers tops and bottoms, dance skirts and dancewear for men. The brand is especially popular in ballet studios.

Yumiko: Customizable Leotards

Having the chance to create a unique, one-of-a-kind leotard allows individual dancers the opportunity to reflect their own personal style. Yumiko allows you to choose a particular leotard style and then choose the color and fabric of your choice. You may also add details such as sleeve length. Yumiko also allows you to choose between a few lining options. Keep in mind that certain options will cost a bit more. While it's a lot of fun to customize your own leotard, be prepared to make a few tough decisions.

  • Sleeve options: A few of the leotard styles offer a sleeve option including no sleeves, cap sleeves, short sleeves, half sleeves, 3/4 sleeves and long sleeves.
  • Lining options: Lining options consist of no lining, a bust panel, and a front lining.
  • Fabric and color options: A distinctive feature of Yumiko leotards, many of the leotard styles allow you to choose different colors and fabrics for the top, bottom, and lining. The Yumiko color pallet consists of around 100 colors from which to choose. With that many colors, you can easily create a beautiful leotard that nearly nobody else will have. Fabric options:
    • nylon
    • microfiber
    • techni
    • velvet
    • Variations: High cut leg, semi-unitard, or unitard.

Cost of Yumiko Leotards

Yumiko leotards are a bit pricey compared to most leotard brands (starting around $65 with no added options), but most dancers who wear them regard them as their favorites. The styles and cuts are quite flattering to most body types and the fabric selections are comfortable and attractive.

Where to Purchase Yumiko Dancewear

Yumiko leotards are available for purchase on the Yumiko website. However, because Yumiko's are made and shipped from overseas, you can expect to wait between 4 and 6 weeks for delivery. During times of high demand, such as Christmas, be prepared to wait up to 12 weeks.

If you'd prefer to have your leotard quicker and don't mind choosing among their ready to wear stock, the Yumiko boutique in New York City will ship directly to you. If you're not sure which color or style to purchase, the store also offers customers to Skype the boutique and start a live video chat with one of their sales representatives.

Of course of you live near New York City or plan to visit, the boutique offers a modern space for you to clearly view Yumiko products and to inspire creativity when customizing your own special pieces.

Some dancers prefer to purchase Yumiko leotards through a YumiGirl. A YumiGirl acts like a personal stylist, showing other dancers how creative and fun it is to customize their own unique pieces. For their generous help, they earn free Yumiko dancewear, get the heads up on the latest designs, fabrics, and colors. By purchasing through a yumiGirl, you get free shipping as well as 10% off of every piece of dancewear you purchase.

Creator of Yumiko Dancewear

Born in Japan, Yumiko Takeshima began dancing ballet at the age of four in Sapporo, Japan. At the age of 14, she left home to study with the San Francisco Ballet school, soon after receiving her first professional dance contract. In 1993, Yumiko joined the Dutch National Ballet, where she continued to develop her passion for designing dancewear and costumes. In early 2002 she launched Yumiko Dancewear and the YumiGirl Network.