Yu-Gi-Oh: Falsebound Kingdom Cheats for the GameCube

How to find all monsters and unlock challenge mode

Yu-Gi-Oh: Falsebound Kingdom introduces elements of real-time strategy games to the traditional card battles that make the franchise so popular. It came out on the Nintendo GameCube in Japan in 2002. A North American version was released the following year. Learn how to unlock secret characters and more with these cheats.

These cheats apply exclusively to Yu-Gi-Oh: Falsebound Kingdom on the Nintendo GameCube. There are separate cheats for Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 2 for PSP and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Duel Academy for Game Boy Advance.

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Yu-Gi-Oh: Falsebound Kingdom Unlockables

The following secrets can be unlocked in Yu-Gi-Oh: Falsebound Kingdom:

Unlockable How to Unlock
Joey's Story Beat the game as Kaiba and Yu-Gi.
Challenge Mode Beat Joey's story.
Eye of Ra Beat Marik in Joey's story.
Soul of Obelisk Beat Yu-Gi's story.
Silfer's Orb Beat Kaiba's story.

How to Use Egyptian God Monsters

Egyptian Gods can be summoned by using specific consumable items such as the Soul of Obelisk or the Eye of Ra. You may only use the Egyptian God monsters once, so save them for emergency situations. You cannot purchase additional summoning items from the trader.

How to Get Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh: Falsebound Kingdom

You obtain monsters as you progress through each story, but many of them are well hidden. Others are only created through transformations or fusing different monsters.

Some monsters put up a fight before they join your team. If you lose, you can't get them.

Monster How to Find
Alpha the Magnet Warrior Liberate Memory Bridge during the Dream World mission in Yu-Gi's story.
Armored Lizard Start the game with Kiaba.
Baby Dragon Before Tea gets to you in the Refugees mission in Yu-Gi's campaign, send Joey southeast to where the mountains bend.
Beta the Magnet Warrior Liberate Phyo-Rente during the Secret Power mission in Yu-Gi's story to reveal his location.
Black Luster Soldier Use the Black Luster Ritual on Gaia.
Blue Eyes White Dragon Defeat Lord of D during the Dragon Lair mission in Kaiba's story.

Dragon Piper

During the Secret Power mission in Yu-Gi's story, walk south from Jenonnva to find him between the two bottom castles in the daytime.
Enchanting Mermaid From Van-Lova, go south to the edge of the beach, then go east to the edge of the map and search in the shallow water.
Gaia the Fierce During the Face Off mission in Yu-Gi's story, go to the city to the north. Travel across the river, then stop in the middle of it and proceed north.
Gamma the Magnet Warrior During the Framed mission in Kaiba's story, wait until it gets dark and go to the mountains on the left of Beyzon near the river.
Gemini Elf (#1 and #2) During the level where you fight Marik on Badlands in Joey's story, take over the base on the right side. Then, during the Crucial Battle mission in Yu-Gi's story, liberate the base to the left of your main base.
Harpie Lady Airo Found on Mai's team when she joins you on the Badlands mission.

Harpie Lady Ocupete

Send any Marshal southwest of Ce-Reizo on the Break Free mission with another Harpie Lady as the middle monster on the team.
Harpie Lady Keraino Liberate Kaepe-Town on the Banishment mission.
King of Yamimaki During the Badlands mission in Yu-Gi's story, defeat Darkness with both the Dark Magician and the Magician of Black Chaos in your party.
Labyrinth Tank In Yu-Gi's Secret Power mission, head west and search between Myilluno and Phyo-Rente at night.
Magician of Black Chaos Use the Black Luster Ritual on the Dark Magician.
Metal Red-Eyes Black Dragon Combine Red Eyes with the Metalmorph you can buy from a trader in Yu-Gi's campaign.

Moisture Creature

During the Sever the Supply mission in Kaiba's story, send a team to Sweit and build a watchtower, then search around the east side of Sweit at night.
Octoberser During the Turbulent Waters mission in Yu-Gi's story, send someone towards the Thor-Mount base south of Jokhan.
Panther Warrior Defeat Joey with Mai to get him.
Rex Raptor Defeat Weevil in Kaiba's story.
Ryukishin-Powered Liberate every village in the first level of Kaiba's story.
Machine King Go to Jenonnva after defeating the Shaddi's.
Meteor Dragon Defeat Lord of D during the Dragon Lair mission in Kaiba's story.
Millennium Golem Liberate MYILLUNO during the Secret Power mission in Yu-Gi's story.
Sanga of the Thunder During the Break Free mission in Yu-Gi's story, start from your base and walk south through the mountains, then follow the path to the left corner of the map.
Serpent Night Dragon In Joey's story, wait until night and infiltrate the lone occupied castle near the highest mountains.
Seiyaryu Defeat Lord of D during the Dragon Lair mission in Kaiba's story.
Silver Fang In the first level of Yu-Gi's story, wander around the trees.
Thunder Dragon Defeat Lord of D during the Dragon Lair mission in Kaiba's story.
Time Wizard Liberate the town research guild during the Spellcaster mission in Yu-Gi's story.
Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1 As Yu-Gi, wander around the middle of the mountains north of Dyethruo at night.
Winged Dragon of Ra Complete Joey's story.
Summoned Skull, Beast of Gilfer, Illusory Gentleman, and Neck Hunter During the Badlands mission in Yu-Gi's story, go to Tower Pegasis and defeat Summoned Skull, then head toward Tower Deneb and search the wasteland between the towers.
Barrel Dragon, Slot Machine, and Launcher Spider Defeat Bandit Keith during the Bandits Again mission in Kaiba's story.
Battle Ox, Dragon Seeker, and Swamp Battle Guard In Joey's second mission, go to the mountains left of your base. Walk around where the mountain meets the valley.
Hane-Hane, Mystic Horseman, and Man-Eater Bug During Yu-Gi's second mission, go south under Croethe and search near the tree line.
Jinzo, Giant Mech-Soldier, and Cyber Saurus Defeat Bakura.
Skull Night, Kazejin, and Pumpkins the King of Ghosts During the last mission in Joey's campaign, search around the bottom of the mountains near Fort Ru-Ma-Pann.
Suijin, Fortress Whale, and Aqua Dragon During the Scorched mission in Yu-Gi's story, go toward the mountains where the ocean reaches the farthest inland.
Buster Blader and Cyber Commander During the Dragon Lair mission in Kaiba's story, walk straight from your starting fort toward Fort Den.
Judgeman and Kaiser Dragon Defeat Lord of D during the Dragon Lair mission in Kaiba's story.
Sengenjin and Flame Cerebrus During the Quick Attack mission in Joey's story, search around the mountains to the right of the Beyzon base.
Zoa, Kryuel, and Castle of Dark Illusions During the Banishment mission in Yu-Gi's story, head straight south from the main castle with all of your marshals.
Armored Zombie Use call of the grave on Zanki.
B. Skull Dragon Fuse Red-Eyes Blue Dragon + Summoned Skull
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Fuse three Blue Eyes Dragons.
Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast Fuse Berformat + Gazelle.
Cosmo Queen Fuse Dark Elf + Mystical Elf.
Crimson Sunbird Fuse Mavelus + Winged Eagle.
Dragon Zombie Use call of the grave on crawling dragon.
Gaia the Dragon Champ Fuse Gaia the Fierce + Curse of Dragon
Gate Guardian Fuse Kazejin + Suijin + Sanga
Metalzoa Use metal morph on Zoa.
Meteor B. Dragon Fuse Meteor Dragon + Red Eyes Black Dragon.
Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth Use cocoon of Evolution on petite moth.
Rabid Horseman Fuse Battleox + Mystic Horseman.
Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon Use metal morph on Red Eyes Black Dragon.
Thousand Dragon Fuse Baby Dragon + Time Wizard.
Twin Headed Thunder Dragon Fuse Two Headed King Rex + Thunder Dragon.
Valkyrion Fuse Alpha + Beta + Gamma Magnet Warriors.

The Konami Cheat Code in Yu-Gi-Oh: Falsebound Kingdom

While playing a mission, highlight an empty piece of land and press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A to receive free coins.

This button combination is the legendary Konami code, a staple of games made by Japanese publisher Konami.