Your Ultimate Guide to Technical Certifications

All you need to know about popular technical certifications

Having relevant certifications can make your resume more interesting and boost your desirability in the tech marketplace.

To help you find the best certifications for your career, browse through these six links to information about a variety of technical certifications. Here you can find out which certifications are in demand by employers as well as help you earn more money.

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Microsoft Certifications

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Certifications from Microsoft are among the most well-regarded by modern tech professionals. 

You should know about the current Microsoft certifications, what they stand for, and who benefits from them. Also, find out about Microsoft certification courses and practice exams. On the list are several of the fifteen highest-paying technical certifications. The wide variety of topics covered include ones for developers, systems engineers and administrators, database administrators, and more.  

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Cisco Certifications

Cisco certifications tend to have a focus on networks. Several of the certifications are also among the highest paying technical certifications, and there is a high demand in the tech industry for employees with Cisco certifications. Find a list of Cisco certifications that defines each certification as well as gives readers links to training resources, where they can learn more.

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Oracle Certifications

Find information about the three Oracle DBA Certifications programs; specifically, how to become an Oracle database administrator (DBA) for Databases 11g, 10g or 9i. Moreover, you should search for links to Oracle DBA training resources and Oracle DBA technical references, as well as links to other information of use to an Oracle DBA.

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Information Security Certifications

Information Security has seen an increased demand for professionals who are experienced in network security auditing, penetration testing, and digital forensics investigation. Check out these seven popular information security certifications available to showcase your information security skills and knowledge, whether you want to be a practitioner, a manager, an architecture professional, or more.

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PMP Project Management Professional Certification from PMI

As this article explains, project managers come in many different forms, and not all of these forms are related to technology.

However, the information technology sector is particularly in need of project managers to supervise teams and put plans into action, so having this certification can make you stand out ​from the competition. PMI’s Project Management Professional credential is designed to demonstrate a strong level of project management leadership skills.

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The Highest Paying Technical Certifications

This list contains fifteen of the highest paying certifications in the tech industry. Some of the items on this list overlap with ones referenced previously, but there are also certifications that have not been mentioned here.

Two of the highest technical certifications are:

  1. PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) with an average annual salary of $101,695
  2. PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) with an average annual salary of $101,103

In general, the highest paying certifications are the ones in greatest demand by employers.

Conclusion: Technical Certifications Allow You to Stand Out

The process of acquiring a certification can be as useful as the certification itself since often, it means taking a course (or multiple courses) that train you in the minutia of the position you’re hoping to get. So when employers see them listed on your resume, you’ll be able to prove that you have the knowledge and skills it takes to earn them.