Your Guide to Glycerin Free Lubricants


The whole point of personal lubricant is that it makes sex more comfortable, more pleasurable, and more fun.   The right lube for you will not be one that leaves you with unwanted after effects, whether that's a rash or a yeast infection.

Why Might Glycerin Cause Yeast Infections?

While there has been almost no specific clinical research on this, many lubricant manufacturers and health conscious sex toy retailers have come to believe that using lubricants with glycerin may increase the chances of getting a yeast infection.

Most  water based lubricants contain glycerin which is a sugar alcohol with a sweet taste that functions to keep the product slippery and also give it a slightly sweet taste.  

Those who suspect that lubes cause yeast infections usually believe that glycerin is the culprit because the yeast feed on sugar, and they assume that having more sugary liquid in the vagina could encourage more yeast.

For that reason, if you are prone to yeast infections, or have one right now, it's probably best to avoid personal lubricants with glycerin, which is a sugary liquid 

If you're looking for a glycerin free lube, here's a list of products that will do the trick:

Glycerin Free Water Based Lubricants

Most people can use lube with glycerin without any side effects.  And most of the water based lubricants on the market contain glycerin.  These are some popular alternatives:

  • Slippery Stuff 
  • Liquid Silk
  • Maximus
  • Sliquid Organics
  • Hathor Aphrodesia
  • Astroglide Paraben and Glycerin Free Formula

Glycerin Free Silicone Based Lubricants

Silicone lube doesn't need any extra slipperiness, so most, if not all, of them are glycerin free, including these popular brands:

  • Eros
  • Wet Platinum
  • ID Millennium
  • Pink


Bottom Line

Researchers and health advocates are now working on producing more detailed scientific research into the impact of lubricants on our health.

  For now, with so many products to choose from, if you have any concern why not avoid glycerin.  It won't hurt you if it isn't in your lube, and it might save you some hassle and an extra trip to the drug store.