Dance Bags and What to Pack

Things You Should Have in Your Dance Bag

Dancers have a lot in common, one thing being giant dance bags. Dancers have lots of dance stuff, so the bigger the bag, the better. Some dancers have been known to tote around luggage bags stuffed with their dance necessities. But how much of that stuff is actually necessary? If you are guilty of sporting a stuffed, over-sized dance bag, dump it out and replace only the items you think you really need. Here are ten things you definitely should have in your dance bag.

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Dance Shoes

Pointe shoes
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If a dancer needs anything, it's shoes to dance in. Stick your ballet slippers in your bag even though you are only attending a pointe class, as you never know when you might need them. Always carry around at least one pair of shoes for every type of dance that you do, especially if you're going to an audition. You should be prepared to show a panel of judges any style of dance that you are able to do.

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Extra Tights

Convertible tights
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Always have a pair of backup tights in your bag. Tights run easily. You don't want to be warming up backstage with a run down the back of your leg. Stick a pair in your bag just in case.

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Hair Accessories

Ballet bun
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A dancer must have tidy hair. Pack a small bag of hair essentials including hairpins, hair elastics, hair nets and hair spray. Hair ties have been known to snap easily, and the last thing you want during an audition or even a class is hair in your face.

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Don't get caught in a bind. Always carry a stick of deodorant in your bag, just in case you feel like you need it. Sometimes the studio can become hot and quite sweaty, so don't be the only one who stinks. For women, always be prepared for the unexpected. Pack extra feminine necessities in case you (or a friend) is caught off guard.

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Blisters happen. Blisters hurt. If you develop an unexpected blister, you will be relieved to see a band-aid in your bag. A simple bandage could mean the difference in continuing an audition or walking out early in pain. Also, accidents happen. You never know when you might catch you ankle on a sharp corner or prick your finger while sewing ribbons on your pointe shoes.​

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Apply mascara
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You may not wear makeup to class or rehearsals, but you'll be wearing it to auditions. Carry a small makeup bag for touch-ups including powder, lipstick, and blush.

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Water Bottle

Water bottle
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Water should be your best friend. If you've been dancing for awhile, you know that you shouldn't wait until you are thirsty to have a drink of water. Carry a plastic bottle that can be refilled at the fountain as needed. Never carry a glass bottle in your bag, as it could break and cause an injury.

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Healthy Snacks

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Stick an extra protein bar in your bag, and don't plan on eating it until one day when you really need it. You will be so glad you have it. As for everyday snacking, try healthy options such as nuts, dried fruit, and whole grains.

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Dancers learn new things every day. Carry a notebook or journal with you in case you want to jot down the steps to a new combination or the inspirational words of a motivating instructor. Don't forget to pack a pen or pencil.

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A Good Book

Sometimes long breaks between classes or rehearsals are unavoidable. Pack a good book or a dance magazine to help pass the time.