Foster and Adoption Themed Books for Young Adults

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Returnable Girl

Returnable Girl cover art courtesy of Marchall Cavendish Corporation
Returnable Girl cover art courtesy of. Marchall Cavendish Corporation

Thirteen-year-old Ronnie has been "returned" for most of her young life. Nine times to be exact. Meaning she has been bounced from foster home to foster home since she was abandoned by her birth mother at the age of eleven to move to Alaska with her boyfriend. According to Ronnie's journal nine moves doesn't count emergency placements and some time with family. But on top of life as a foster child, Ronnie has to also deal with life as a Middle School Student. She finds a friend in the school's outcast, "Cat", but eventually has to choose between being a loyal friend to Cat or becoming popular.

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The Last Chance Texaco

The Last Chance Texaco
The Last Chance Texaco. Brent Hartinger

Short description of The Last Chance Texaco:

This is a great book that offers much to the reader. Whether you are looking to learn about the kids in "the system" or you grew up in a group home and looking for a book that you can identify with, The Last Chance Texaco is for you. A strong plot drives this story and its characters. The character descriptions are woven within the story line, and it never seems to slow the pace down. The children depicted in the book are realistic. Their behaviors are driven by their emotions, just like so many of the kids in the system. The reader begins to care for the main character and hopes that she can find a permanent place to call home.

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A Child Called "It"

Child Called "It" Cover Art
Child Called "It" cover art courtesy of. Health Communications, Inc

One of the worst abuse cases in California's history came to an end on March 5, 1973. Dave Pelzer begins his incredible story as an abused child with his rescue in part one of a series, A Child Called "It". Calling this book a "page turner" doesn't give it justice. Easy to read, but difficult to comprehend how any mother could treat her child this way.

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The Lost Boy

The Lost Boy Cover Art
The Lost Boy cover art courtesy of. Health Communications, Inc

Short description of The Lost Boy:

The Lost Boy chronicles David Pelzer's journey from foster home to foster home after being rescued from his Mother's severe abuse on March 5, 1973. This story will hold your attention as you get lost in the much interrupted childhood of David Pelzer. A sequel to A Child Called "It"

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Tangled Hearts

Tangled Hearts cover art
Tangled Hearts cover art courtesy of Bongiorno Books. Bongiorno Books

Short description of Tangled Hearts:

Tangled Hearts, written by adoptive mother Patti Bongiorno, tells the story of a fictional adoption that reflects reality with Bongiorno's strong characterization and insight into the adoption triad. The book unfolds along three different paths that bring about the full story piece by piece. A beautifully written book that adoptive parents and adoptees will especially enjoy.