You Were a Gymnast in the '80s and '90s if...

Dominique Moceanu 1995
Dominique Moceanu rocking the '90s in style with a crushed velvet keyhole leotard. With matching scrunchie, of course.

Doug Pensinger / Getty Images

  • You remember when crushed velvet leos were cutting edge -- and had training leotards in many different shades of crushed velvet. If you were extra lucky you also had a crushed velvet grip bag.

Leotards from the 80s and 90s

  • Oh and also keyhole leotards. Which were perhaps the worst invention in leotard design ever,  since the back clasp just could not be closed by the person wearing the leotard, and the design pretty much just choked you the whole time.
  • You also remember when Resi pits were invented and Tumbl Traks! Now, these were awesome inventions.
  • You read "The Gymnasts" series and had a favorite Pinecone. (Darlene for the win! She was practically a celebrity.)
  • You had these level pins on your gym bag -- and didn't understand why they made level 7 so ugly. No one lies down on the beam like that in level 7!
  • You had a matching scrunchie for every leo.
  • You wore clips. Lots and lots of clips. The more colorful, the better.
  • You didn't enter a competition until you reached level 5 (and still aren't quite sure why it used to be this way.)

The Magnificent Seven

  • The Magnificent Seven victory was a key moment in your life. You remember where you were when you watched or heard about it, and who you were with. You also had never heard the term "Magnificent Seven" before, so the 1996 Olympic women's gymnastics team will remain THE Magnificent Seven to you, forever.
  • You tried Shannon Miller's hairstyle at some point. You loved Dominique Moceanu's floor routine in Atlanta. You still think of her when you hear, "The Devil Went Down to Georgia." Like the Mag 7, it's really the only acceptable association to have with that piece of music.

The 1992 Summer Olympics

  • In 1992 you were either Team Shannon or Team Kim, and either way, you were most likely heartbroken with the results of the 1992 Olympic all-around final.
  • You didn't use sting mats because they didn't exist when you were a kid, and you only vaulted on the "old horse" for most of your gymnastics career.
  • You remember gymnasts like Jennie Thompson, Vanessa Atler, Doni Thompson, and Kristy Powell. And when Dynamo Gymnastics was the place to be.
  • You called it the "McDonald's American Cup" and "Coca-Cola National Championships."
  • You wore capri-length spandex pants to workout, or, if you were really stylin', a full-scale unitard. (Great news! It looks like you can still get them at many dance shops.)
  • You went to a gymnastics camp instead of "regular" camp as a kid.
  • Winning a medal at a gymnastics meet was a big deal -- and trophies were unheard of. So you are mighty proud of those fake-bronze and silver medals from level six states.
  • You had so many meet t-shirts. And they are somehow all size adult XL, so they never even fit you.
  • You watched Paul Hunt at an exhibition or gymnastics tour, and, of course, found him hilarious. He had some pretty sweet skills on beam and bars.
  • Gyms with foam pits in them were ah-mazing. Because not many gyms had them.
  • You knew a lot more about the break-up of the Soviet Union than your friends -- because you knew that former republics like Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia were now good gymnastics teams.