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About This Publisher:

Yen Press was founded in 2006 by Hachette Book Group (HBG), a publishing company owned by Hachette Livre, France's largest publishing company, and the second largest publisher in the word. The Hachette Book Group also includes Little, Brown and Company and Orbit Books.

Yen Press was founded by Kurt Hassler, former graphic novels buyer for the Borders Group (a.k.a. Borders Books and Music) and Rich Johnson, former DC Comics Vice President. Along with JuYoun Lee, former editor for ICEkunion (a Korean publisher), Hassler and Johnson launched Yen Press with an eclectic mix of titles including and Zombie Loan.

Since then, Yen Press has published a wide variety of manga from Japan, manhwa from Korean and manhua from China, original graphic novels, graphic novel adaptations of bestselling young adult novels, children's books and light novels, including many bestselling titles like Black Butler, Yotsuba&!, and .

Yen Press began publishing its print anthology magazine Yen Plus in July 2008. They discontinued the print edition of Yen Plus after the July 2010 issue. Since then, it has been published as a digital-only magazine, available by subscription. Yen Press titles are also available digitally via Yen Press' iPad and iPhone apps.

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Manga Categories:

  • Shonen (Boys') Manga
  • Shojo (Girls') Manga
  • Seinen (Men's) Manga
  • Josei (Ladies') Manga
  • All-Ages Manga
  • Yaoi (Boys' Love) Manga
  • Global Manga / Original English Language Manga
  • Korean Manhwa
  • Chinese Manhua
  • Children's Books
  • Novel Adaptations
  • Light Novels
  • Magazines
  • Digital Publishing

Popular Current Titles:

  • High School of the Dead by Daisuke Sato and Shouji Sato
  • Black Butler by Yana Toboso
  • Soul Eater and Soul Eater NOT! by Atsushi Ohkubo
  • Yotsuba&! by Kiyohiko Azuma
  • A Bride's Story by Kaoru Mori
  • Higurashi: When They Cry by Ryukishi07 and Various Artists
  • Durarara!! by Ryohgo Narita, Suzuhito Yasuda, and Akiyo Satorigi
  • by Stephenie Meyer and Young Kim
  • Nightschool by Svetlana Chmkova
  • Maximum Ride by James Patterson and NaRae Lee

Artwork Submission Policy:

Yen Press accepts unsolicited graphic novel submissions, but due to time constraints does not promise a response for all submissions other than acknowledging receipt of materials.

Yen Press does not accept pitches for stories from writers who are not already working with an illustrator. Writers interested in work-for-hire assignments are welcome to submit a resume.

Artists are welcome to submit portfolios for review, that "demonstrate as broad a range of your ability as possible." Portfolio submissions should include "samples of stills, original character designs and a minimum of five to ten pages of sequential art in various stages."

Yen Press also holds a "New Talent Search" just for creators whose work has not been published before. Dates and deadlines for the New Talent Search are announced in Yen Plus magazine.

See Yen Press' submission guidelines for writers and artists

Yen Press News:

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