Year of the Monkey Horoscopes for All Chinese Zodiac Signs

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RAT - Read about the Qualities of the Rat 

Here comes fun! You and the Monkey always hit it off. Monkeys are partial to surprises and excitement. They take kindly to movement and enjoy action for its own sake. Monkeys are social animals. But . . . unlike you Rats, Monkeys don’t really care about power. They are willing backseat drivers who prefer to lurk in the wings solving problems and serving as the “brains” behind an operation.

So in Monkey years, you are free to take charge again. Go after that seat on the board. Run for office. Try to become the president of the world. Go after the power and you shall most likely receive your wish. One quick cautionary note: prepare to flatter a family member who is most decidedly not on your team. The person in question may only be a distant cousin or a nephew by marriage (could be Horse or Snake), but they are of a jealous nature and will do whatever they can to bend your spokes. As they are sensitive to adulation and praise, go ahead and slather it on.


This Fire Monkey year bodes plenty of activity and a speeding up of pace for you Oxen. I know you hate to be told to move faster. But . . . Monkeys have no time to waste standing around tapping their feet whilst you ponder an plod through mountains of what Monkeys consider useless details, paperwork and administrative BS.

Monkeys see a problem and get right to the core of it, solve it and get on to the next one. So you will have to drop the spreadsheets, abandon your precious red tape and learn to hurry. And (because you are hell bent on getting ahead no matter what) you will pick up speed. This hectic cadence, however, may take its toll on your health. Be sure, during this Monkey year, to get regular checkups and tests for everything that can go wrong with Oxen (especially digestion-related ills). 

Bottom line? You will thrive in a Monkey year because the Monkey is cleverer than all of us and knows when he has found a sane, safe ally. That cohort, my dear Ox friend, is none other than you. This year will be fruitful and you will not be sabotaged or refused much of anything. You will, however, have to pick up those clodhoppers of yours and get a move on.


The Fire Monkey year will both delight you and try your limited patience. These next 12 months will offer you a spree of activity just the way you like it: multitasking, multi meetings and multi-proposals for work and cultural events. And sports experiences. Take the Monkey up on all of these propositions. You, more than any other sign, can surely multi-manage such a variety of goings-on.

Where other people might feel they have been bushwhacked by such a plethora of fresh things to learn and do, you revel in the newness of it all. A shift in your work environment is in the offing this year. You are a person whose enthusiasms need changing about as often as your clothes. So get cracking on finding that unusual job straightaway this year. You will not be sorry you did.

Love life? Medium rare. I say that because the love situation you have been in for so long is well done by this time. Overdone in fact. Hence, could be time to make changes. Either see a couples’ therapist or end it and bounce a bit now from prey to prey. See how it feels to enjoy seduction again. Change is what the Monkey year is all about for Tigers. P.S. Your current partner will more than likely be overjoyed to see your tawny rump slink out the door.

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One of the most salient aspects of Monkeys (and hence of the years in which they govern us all) is that, deep down, they really don’t give a damn. You Rabbits give much more than a damn—about everything. So sometimes during Monkey years, you become frustrated. You wish people would DO something about the chaos, shore up the bridges, repair the roads, improve the schools and create some sort of public transport system that functions properly. As you are a bit of a fusspot when things don’t work as they should, you are a sitting duck for living this Fire Monkey year in a state of agitation.

This will be a year of social disruption for a medley of different reasons. One of those is the fact that Monkeys can solve most problems for others, but rarely for themselves. So when it’s their turn to govern and the problems become theirs, they find it all a bit too complex. Leading means visibility. Monkeys don’t fancy being visible. They just want to be free to be entertaining and clever and solve lots of problems for others incognito. The Monkey wants no part of the notoriety and authority that come with reigning over millions of people.

Needless to say, the Monkey’s jaunty laissez-faire attitude toward governance irks you orderly Rabbits. You would prefer someone take action. Yet, because you never engage in conflict, you remain in the background, stewing. To palliate this general feeling of irritation, might I suggest 12 months of a duvet gentle life—hot water bottles, silken sheets and a soft, loving companion will get you through admirably


It’s a well-known fact: Monkeys are some of the most unpredictable characters in the Chinese Zodiac. Hence, we are never very certain of outcomes in Monkey years. You Dragons don’t usually resist change. Nor do you need to be reassured at every bump in the road. But the danger for Dragons in Monkey years is risk. As you know by now, you Dragon people rarely shrink from peril. You feel you know how to handle almost any and everything. If something goes wrong,Dragons sincerely think you know how to finesse it.

But in Monkey years, you cannot be so sure of yourselves. You may be inclined in these testy times to embark on one or two big, chancy ventures and then watch them slowly but surely disintegrate before your big, green eyeballs.

So the message for Dragons in Monkey years is to hold off from embarking on gigantic, revolutionary projects. Remain in the realm of safe and sound investment. Put some money into further schooling or travel to places where you can learn something gnew that you will be able to use next year when the more predictable Rooster comes along and tries to hamper everybody’s progress—except his own.


You will need all your indomitable strength this year to withstand the onslaught of the Monkey’s outlandish antics. Monkeys need attention and will perform almost any type of outrageous act to get it. Perhaps you won’t be drawn in by the Monkey’s neurotic charm. But if you are—beware! You provide an excellent audience because you simply love spectacle.

You are in no little danger in Monkey years because you find entertainment so attractive. If someone amuses yo sufficiently, you can be duped and even diverted from your chosen path. Monkeys are tricksters who don’t much care what audience they are playing to as long as the public applauds and throws coins their way.

So in this year of the Monkey, Snakes must watch their wallets, tie their purse strings tightly and stay out of the way of temptation. Don’t even THINK about entering a casino or going near a card game. Remain above it all by undertaking a major creative project that keeps you grounded and in one place. Your love life may also supply a safe haven—provided, of course, that you aren’t married to a Monkey. Should this be the case, see a Dog or Ox psychiatrist or else move to Tibet—alone!


Being of a pragmatic nature, you Horse people are not often drawn into shady schemes or led down sinuous paths where outcomes are not clearly defined. But Monkeys are agile folks. They are nimble of foot and mind. If you are ever tempted to get involved in anything that deviates from the straight and narrow, it is likely to happen this year.

Watch your step. Horses need to work hard in order to make progress and earn success. You don’t usually take shortcuts. You are anything but lazy and may even have to learn some things “the hard way.” Therefore, should you be tempted away from your usual strict adherence to the rules of striving and toil, you may indeed fail—miserably.

When presented with attractive “quick fix” plans to avoid taxes by sheltering your yacht in Panama or opening an offshore bank account, just say NO. This year there will be no free lunches for the hard driving Horse. Monkey years also threaten your healthy eating habits. Monkeys are nimble-minded creatures who cannot keep their hands off food. Don’t follow their example. Be extra vigilant about nutrition this year. In fact, the general message for Horses in Monkey years is: Stick to routine. Keep your nose clean. And stay on the bus.


The Fire Monkey year will be a bit on the chaotic side for your taste. Monkeys are forever dashing about hatching circuitous schemes and plotting ways to entertain the world whilst solving all of its problems. Fact is, Monkeys are rather discombobulated folks in the guise of orderly people.

You Sheep don’t derive any rushes of security from Monkeys. And with good reason: They are neurotic as hell and are frequently imagining someone might be out to get them. They strategize and wangle. You prefer to see problems coming—even if you fail at sorting them out. The Monkey’s planned chaos sets your teeth on edge and makes you doubt yourself. As you don’t have all that much self-confidence to start with, this muddle-headed year makes you extra anxious, brings out your pessimistic side and more than once puts you in the corner with a dunce cap on. Why? Because you insist on being direct and open about what you are up to. Monkeys don’t get that. They prefer labyrinths to freeways.

If I were you in this Fire Monkey year, I would seriously consider a complete change of métier. Ask a rich friend to buy you a restaurant. Or get a lover to sponsor your career as an opera singer. Remember, you prefer security. And you prefer that said security come to you from outside. So do not self finance. If you fail, let someone else take the fall. 

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In your travels in this Fire Monkey year, you will meet someone unusual who will have a profound influence on your career. It could be an older person who takes a shine to one of your brilliant ideas. Or it might be a contemporary who is willing to partner with you either in business or in love. It could even be a homeless person you befriend out of sympathy.

Take notice of this person’s Chinese astrological sign and compare it with yours for compatibility. If the match is harmonious, think seriously about pursuing a project or building a couple. This is your year to shine and preen and prance and dance on the tables if you feel like it. But do climb back down to Earth once in awhile because this is also your year to plan your next dozen years.

The Chinese don’t have decades of ten years. Their calendar uses 12-year periods. Each year has a particular significance for each sign. When your own year rolls around, you are advised to sit down with pen and paper (or computer) and outline the next 12 years of your life. Where do you want to be in 2028? What can you see yourself doing? How might you plot the path to this goal, year by year, so you are more or less certain to attain that objective? An easy task? No. But a necessary exercise

in order to build your own life—your way. Otherwise, you will not be using your time in this crucial year wisely. Take charge of your destiny in this propitious Monkey year. Live your Life proactively. Do not let your Life live you.


This Fire Monkey year may inflame your Roosterish temper even more than the Sheep did! Monkeys can be clever tricksters. They sometimes manipulate events and people in order to get what they want. You Rooster people prefer direct, uncomplicated communication and action. You get things done by doing them yourself. Not the Monkey. The Monkey gets things done and solves problems by circuitous and not always truthful methods. Notwithstanding, Monkeys can solve problems: If you need a quick fix for a long overdue predicament, dial-a-Monkey. 

Parts of this year may find you griping. You won’t be crank because the trains don’t run on time: Monkeys are good at punctuality. You will simply deplore the fact that in order to understand what’s going on in this tumultuous year, you have to read between the lines. Not your strong suit; you are a straight shooter. The Monkey prefers to throw curveballs. Instead of being able to sit calmly down and hash out a budget for the year, you will be obliged to watch for ulterior motives in your associates and partners.

Even your private life will be clouded by this sense that secrets are being kept. This mood of concealed chicanery gets on your nerves. Although your nerves were certainly run ragged last year, this year may be worse. You may feel somewhat lost. “What is going on here?” You wonder. Keep on wondering. Or ask a Scorpio/Tiger pal to peek beneath the surface and uncover the plot. Next year is your year. Life will improve—vastly.

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Monkey years can be way tricky. It doesn’t look like this one will be an exception. Monkeys know all the ropes and will cleverly use them to climb up and over the rest of the world. As brilliant as you Dog people are, you are hardly ever guilty of hoodwinking merely for the sake of putting something over on someone. You want justice and mean to get things done right. But for once, in this complex year, you might just be obliged to take a big risk and start a new business or do something else quite daring.

Why not try to strike it rich? Instead of remaining cozy in the back seat, you can use your wits to jump into the driver’s seat. It’s about time you saw some extra financial gain. The family situation in the Monkey year will be happier than it has been in awhile. You may be more the center of attention than you like to be. Take it in stride: Invite your parents, your in-laws and your kids to share in the fun with picnics and barbecues, road trips and fun in the sun. You are always good to your family. But the reverse has not always been true.

Enjoy this clement period while you can. While everything is moving so smoothly, you might want to schedule those medical checkups. See your doctor for a general exam. Go to a specialist for specific symptoms and don’t neglect a visit to the dentist every six months. You are cautious by nature. Nobody knows better than you that it’s better to be safe than sorry.


This is an excellent year for you Pig born people. The Monkey is on your side. Monkeys are tricky critters and may manipulate others for their own ends. They are indeed far more guileful than Pigs and have a lot to teach you. But you have a nose for authenticity and if you get a whiff of chicanery, you quickly suss it out. You rarely get really angry and you hate to say “no.” But if you sniff out any Monkey business, you will be the first to call the perpetrator to order. Someone who holds a higher rank will try to unseat you at work this year. Perhaps he or she wants to give your job to a niece or slot in a significant other.

Keep a weather eye out for this double crosser and nip him or her in the bud. Don’t go trotting to the boss and rat on this person. This is a Monkey year. You must endeavor to be slyer than usual. Find a chink in the double dealer’s armor and subtly threaten to tell all if he or she persists in trying to get quits of you. Better to be tricky than sorry.

Last year’s love picture should go forward smoothly as well. The naughty Monkey encourages all manner of lecherous profligacy. I wouldn’t advise you engage in downright lascivious behavior. But you Pigs do enjoy the game of sex. Why not take advantage of the randy tone of this Monkey year and allow yourself a bit of erotic latitude?