All About the Yamaha Viking VI EPS

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First True Six-Passenger UTV

2015 Yamaha Viking VI EPS in Red.

When the 2015 Yamaha Viking VI EPS came out, it was the first true six-passenger UTV to hit the market. The original model featured a class-leading 115.6" wheelbase that delivered a smooth ride while allowing for more-than-adequate interior space for its occupants. It was powered by Yamaha's proven 686cc liquid-cooled, FI, SOHC motor. While it may have seemed small in a world of 1000cc powered sport machines, the Viking's motor had plenty of low-end torque to power a fully loaded machine through just about anything. 

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Same Great Drivetrain as the Original Viking

The Viking VI features Yamaha's dependable drivetrain.

The Viking VI featured Yamaha's tried and true Ultramatic transmission with dual-range drive and reverse. An automatic centrifugal clutch maintained constant belt tension, which helped to reduce belt wear and heat. It used a sprag clutch for effective downhill engine braking, which was tuned specifically for heavier loads and increased passenger weight.

Yamaha's three-position On-Command 4-Wheel Drive system was also standard on the VI, allowing drivers to go between two- and four-wheel drive. It also let drivers fully lock the differential.

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2017 Viking VI EPS Specs

The Viking VI features a well-thought out seating plan, allowing for maximum room for all occupants.

The 2017 model also features a 686cc, liquid-cooled, fuel injected SOHC power plant engine. It gives strong low-end acceleration while delivering the power needed to hit trails. The large-capacity air intake system boosts engine performance overall, with an air cleaner box that is accessible from inside the cabin. 

The Ultramatic® transmission with dual-range (Hi/Lo) drive and reverse is the most advanced drive system available. It includes an automatic centrifugal clutch and a sprag clutch for all-wheel downhill engine braking in 4WD mode and reverse.

When it comes to four-wheel drive, the 2017 model also includes the On-Command® 4WD system let drivers dial between 2WD, limited-slip 4WD and fully locked differential 4WD -- just as the 2015 model did.

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Cargo Capacity

A full steel dump bed allows for plenty of cargo carrying possibilities.

Cargo is no problem for the 2017 model either, as it boasts a 600-pound load capacity. The 2017 model can tow up to 1,500 pounds. The rubber cargo mat bed is durable and washable, and it can also lower noise and vibration while giving you extra holding power to keep cargo in place.

As far as space for your extras, the latching glove box is a must-have to store small items such as your wallet or cell phone. There is also plenty of space for drinks, with eight cupholders included. 

Store gas in the large, 9.7-gallon fuel tank that can accommodate long rides wherever you need to go.

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Additional Features

The Viking is loaded with features.

The padded headrests lend more comfort and the pass-through floor lets occupants enter and exit the vehicle from both sides.

The engine of the vehicle is located beneath the cargo bed, and it can be accessed upon lifting the bed. Underneath the vehicle, a steel skid plate protects the Viking VI EPS from rocks and ruts and can keep you from getting stuck when you are driving on trails.

These aren't your older UTVs devoid of technology, either. A digital instrument panel includes an odometer, 4WD status, dual trip meters, hour meter, transmission position, fuel gauge and clock -- all on a modern LCD screen.