WWE Ambulance Match History

Stretcher In Ambulance
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An Ambulance Match is a wrestling contest where the only way to win the bout is to put your opponent into an ambulance and then close the door.  Only four of these matches have taken place in WWE history.

The Ambulance Match in WCW

This type of match was first seen during the dying days of WCW as a part of Mike Awesome's "career killer" gimmick.  The first five Ambulance Matches took place in May of 2000 and were all televised for free on basic cable television. Mike Awesome beat Sting in the first one and then went on to lose to Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner before beating The Wall in the fourth one. G.I. Bro beat Mike Awesome in the fifth Ambulance Match of the month.

The final two Ambulance Matches in WCW took place on pay-per-view. At Great American Bash 2000, Mike Awesome beat Dallas Page. A few months later, he defeated Bam Bam Bigelow at Starrcade 2000. When WCW was acquired by WWE a few months later, wrestling fans thought they had seen the demise of this match as well.

The Ambulance Match Debuts in WWE

WWE revived the Ambulance Match from life support in 2003 as part of the feud between Kane and Shane McMahon. That feud began when Kane gave Shane's mother, Linda McMahon, a Tombstone Piledriver. The rivalry between these men only intensified from there and featured Kane tossed into a burning dumpster, Shane having jumper cables hooked up to his crotch, and both men being hospitalized from other attacks on each other. At Survivor Series 2003, the rivalry concluded when Kane hit a Tombstone Piledriver on Shane and then tossed him into the ambulance.

A Morbid Twist to the Match

The success of this match led to the company creating a spin-off of the match for Kane's brother, Undertaker. Only instead of using an ambulance, Undertaker preferred to use a hearse to end his feuds. At No Mercy 2004, Undertaker lost to WWE Champion JBL in a Last Ride Match. Two years later at Armageddon 2006, Undertaker got to .500 in this type of match when he beat Mr. Kennedy.

Return of the Ambulance Match

Despite being held at an event named after another type of match, the Ambulance Match was the final match of the evening at Elimination Chamber 2012. This match was the end-result of Kane having a problem with John Cena's "Rise Above Hate" t-shirt. Kane targeted John's friends Zack Ryder and Eve in an attempt to make John embrace the hate. Instead of John's attitude being adjusted, John wound up giving Kane an Attitude Adjustment off of the ambulance to win the match and end the feud.

The Third Stage of Hell

At Extreme Rules 2013, a Last Man Standing Match between WWE Champion John Cena and Ryback ended in a no contest when neither man could answer the referee's 10-count. Following the match, John was put on a stretcher and was almost taken out of the arena in an ambulance. The champion was determined to make it out of the arena on his own terms and he refused to be put into the ambulance. A rematch between the two men took place Payback 2013. That rematch was a Three Stages of Hell Match. The first stage of that match was a Lumberjack Match which was won by Ryback. The second stage was a Tables Match which was won by John Cena. The final stage of hell was an Ambulance Match where the ambulance took more punishment than both men. A door was ripped off, a quarter-pan was torn off, the emergency lights were removed, and the windshield was cracked prior to John Cena putting Ryback through the roof of it with an Attitude Adjustment to win the match.

The Lunatic Fringe vs. The Eater of Worlds

The feud between Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose began at Hell in a Cell 2014 when Bray cost Dean a chance at beating Seth Rollins in a Hell in a Cell Match.  After losing the decisive match in that feud against his former partner, Dean set his sites on Bray.  For the next few months, the two fought each other in a variety of matches including a TLC Match, a Boot Camp Match, and a Miracle on 34th Street Match.  During the first RAW of 2015, the feud culminated in an Ambulance Match.  Bray won both the match and the feud when he delivered Sister Abigail on both the back door of the Ambulance and on the floor in the back of the ambulance.

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