Writing a Cover Letter to a Talent Agency

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Writing a polished "cover letter" to either introduce yourself to or to follow up with a talent agent is important when requesting a meeting to discuss representation.  A "cover letter" is a way to introduce yourself, introduce your "product" (yourself) and request a meeting with a prospective talent agent.  A cover letter may be submitted via email or by post.  Here are 4 tips to follow when writing a cover letter to a talent agent!  

1)  Keep Your Cover Letter Short and to the Point

A cover letter should be fairly short in length.  It isn't necessary to write a long essay to a potential talent representative.  Writing a short paragraph or two is usually sufficient!  

Your cover letter will need to include a few sentences which tell a prospective agent a little bit about yourself and what you are seeking.  For example, how long have you been an actor, and what type of representation are you looking for?  Are you submitting to an agency for theatrical representation, commercial representation, print representation or all three?  And in which city are you seeking to work?  Be sure that you clearly state what you're looking for.  

Without going into extreme detail, point out some of the work that you have accomplished so far in your acting career, such as briefly mentioning any roles that you have booked, projects that you have worked on in the past, or projects that you're currently working on.  (This includes mentioning projects that you're working on independently, like creating a "YouTube" channel or series, for example!)    

2)  Always Be Honest!  

This should go without saying, but when writing a cover letter, always be honest.  Showing an agent that you are busy and proactive in your career is helpful, but always tell the truth about which projects you've worked on and with whom you have worked, as well as where you have studied your craft. (Fabricating this information is never a smart idea; however, unfortunately I have heard stories of actors doing this.  Don’t be one of them, actor friend!)  

If you're just starting out or do not have a lot of acting experience or credits, be honest about it.  You can explain that you are eager to work and mention some of the classes that you may currently be enrolled in.  (We actors should always be in a good acting class!)  Many agents are interested in meeting with new talent as well as seasoned professionals.  

Additionally, be sure to include some examples of what you hope to achieve in your acting career and why you feel that this particular agent can help you to get to the next level.  

3)  Give Examples of Why an Agent Should Meet With You

You’ll want to capture an agent’s attention and make her/him want to meet with you.  A good way to do this is to let he or she know what makes you stand out among the crowd, and what you believe you can offer to our industry!  You can offer a tremendous amount to the entertainment business simply by being you and expressing yourself as an individual.  Consider including a couple of sentences about something that is totally unique about you!  After all, you are one of a kind, and that is awesome!

4)  Include Your Headshot and Resume  

When writing a cover letter, always remember to include your headshot and resume.  If you have links to a personal website, a blog, an acting reel, or a YouTube Channel for example, include them too!  

The bottom line is to keep your letter simple, thoughtful, factual and educational.  A casting director once told a group of us actors that when writing a cover letter, even a very simple message with a link to your work or website can be effective!  The goal is to capture an agent’s attention, learn a little bit about you and keep them wanting more!  

Cover Letter Example

For your reference, I have attached an example of a cover letter to a talent agent below:

Dear (Agent):

Hello! My name is Jesse Daley; I’m an actor living and working here in Hollywood, California. I am currently seeking new commercial and theatrical representation, and I'd love to meet with you to discuss the possibility of working together. Both the small size of your agency and your experience in the industry are very impressive. I believe that we’d make a great team!

I have attached two headshots, along with my resume. I've also included links to my websites. On my websites, you'll find my YouTube Channel (where I love to sing and connect with amazing people!), you’ll find my acting reel, and you’ll also see my work as a writer.

Thank you so much, (agent’s name).  I look forward to hearing from you!

Jesse Daley

Make sure to include your contact information (email address and phone number) at the end of the letter, as well as links to your website if you have a relevant one.