6 Worst Places to Put Your Piano

Learn the Worst Environments for Acoustic and Electric Pianos

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There are some areas of a home where a piano should never be kept. Be cautious of buying a piano that’s been kept in the following environments:

  • Dark, warm, and moist rooms allow for mold and bacteria growth inside a piano, which can weaken internal wood and pose possible health risks to humans and animals.
  • A piano room with fluctuating humidity levels wreaks havoc on a piano’s finish, warps the expensive wooden soundboard, and weakens strings. Climate-control devices must be running 24/7 if you want to stay in tune.
  • Carpeted rooms with dry air are bad for electric pianos, so keep humidity levels at 55% to prevent static electricity from damaging your musical keyboard.
  • Open windows or doors near the piano can let condensation (a particular concern for electric pianos) build up and seep under keys. If this happens too often, wood can warp or splinter and create mechanical issues.
  • Fans, air conditioners, heaters, and even computers should be at least 4 feet away from a piano, the farther, the better. Fireplaces need to be at least 10 feet from a piano, and unused fireplaces should be well-insulated.
  • Small doors, narrow staircases, and tight corners around a piano room up your bill with the piano movers. They also increase risk of damage while moving, so factor in the cost of a professional piano mover.

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