World's Largest Cigar Companies

The World's Top Cigar Makers

Worker at cigar factory
Worker at cigar factory.

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After all the mergers and acquisitions in the tobacco industry, do you know who makes your favorite cigar? Many of the premium cigar manufacturers are still small or medium sized companies that are family owned and operated and located in third-world countries. However, some of the familiar names associated with mass produced cigars, as well as some of the premium brands, have merged or been acquired by worldwide conglomerates. For example, Consolidated Cigar was acquired by Altadis, which made it the largest cigar company in the world. Then, Britain's Imperial Tobacco acquired Altadis, making it the largest cigar maker in the world. After the General Cigar Company was acquired by Swedish Match, Swedish Match merged with Scandinavian Tobacco, which is now the largest producer of premium handmade cigars in the United States.

Who Makes Montecristo Cigars?

Altadis USA is a subsidiary of its parent company located in Spain and is the largest cigar company in the United States. Altadis makes many popular brands such as:

  • Montecristo (Buy Direct)
  • Romeo y Julieta (Buy Direct)
  • Don Diego (Buy Direct)
  • H. Upmann (Buy Direct)
  • Dutch Masters** (Buy Direct)
  • El Producto** (Buy Direct)
  • Muriel** (Buy Direct)

** Indicates machine made cigars.
The above list is by no means complete, as numerous other brands are also produced by Altadis.

Who Makes Macanudo Cigars?

General Cigar, a subsidiary of Swedish Match, is the maker of:

  • Macanudo (Buy Direct)
  • Punch (Buy Direct)
  • Partagas (Buy Direct)
  • Cohiba (Buy Direct)
  • White Owl** (Buy Direct)
  • Garcia y Vega** (Buy Direct)

** Indicates machine made cigars.
Many other familiar brands are also made by Swedish Match. Although Altadis USA is the largest company in terms of total cigars, General Cigar is the market leader in the United States for premium cigars. The bulk of cigar sales for Altadis are comprised of machine made cigars.

Smoking or Investing in Cigars

Unless you intend to invest in a cigar company, it probably doesn't matter who is running the corporation or where the company is headquartered. What is more important is how the tobacco is grown and processed, and how the cigars are constructed. If you like the way a cigar tastes, feels, smells, draws, burns, and looks, then that’s the bottom line. As long as great cigars are available at reasonable prices, does it really matter if they are made by a small family-owned company or a large conglomerate? I think there is room for both, and everything in between.