5 Work-at-Home Jobs for Moms

For many mothers, especially those with young children, working from home can be the best way to balance your family's need for your income with your desire to spend more time with your children. It also allows you to avoid paying the high cost of childcare. 

When making the shift from the office to a work-at-home job, consider is whether you can telecommute your current job. If the answer is no, you can use the skills and work experience you already have to create a work-from-home career that fits into the busy rhythm of a household with children.

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Writing is a versatile career choice that can be done as either a telecommuter and a freelancer.

Many work-at-home writers start with online writing jobs for blogs or content websites. You can also pursue jobs in magazine writing, ghostwriting, local news, SEO writing, and editing. To succeed in these jobs, you will need strong writing, research, and editing skills, as well as a good grasp of grammar and proofreading rules.

Because many writing jobs are short-term, you will need to continuously seek new clients and assignments to sustain your writing portfolio. However, this instability is offset by flexibility, as most work-at-home writers set their own hours and workload based on their family's changing needs and schedule.

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Transcription requires proficiency in typing, as well as high accuracy and a strong grasp of grammar. The work often can be done during non-business hours or on a flexible schedule.

Transcriptionists are paid by the lines or words typed, the audio minute transcribed or, less frequently, by the hour. Work-at-home transcriptionists are usually independent contractors. In addition to general transcription, there are opportunities for transcribing in both the medical and legal fields. In some specialized fields, certification may be required.

If you are just starting out, look for data entry jobs from home before you begin applying to transcription positions. If you are a very experienced typist who has already done professional transcription, you can look into captioning jobs as well. 

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Working as an artist or artisan requires balancing talent with business ability. For moms looking for jobs they can do from home, it can provide both a creative outlet and an income.

Some work-at-home artistic jobs, like illustration, may require an art degree and a lot of experience, but there are plenty of other ways to earn cash from home using your artistic talent. If you have a background in crafting you can sell globally on marketplaces likee Etsy. Or, if you have a talent for graphic design, you can use programs like Canva to create book covers, business materials, and more.

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Teachers and former teachers can take that experience and turn it into a tutoring business, either online or in person. You can try an online tutoring job and teach students of all ages, usually through weekly video chat combined with occasional assignments. 

If you prefer to work for yourself, you can charge an hourly fee for in-home tutoring. Consider offering languages, essay writing, mathematics, music, or any other subject where you have specialized experience. 

Other kinds of online teaching jobs include test-prep instruction for standardized tests like the SAT, GRE, and MCAT, as well as test scoring jobs. Though these jobs are sometimes done from testing centers, there are also remote options available that you can do from home. For some of these, you will need a background in teaching to qualify, while others require only a four-year degree from an accredited college or university.

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In-Home Childcare

Child Care
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Unlike tutors that give lessons of 30 or 60 minutes, home childcare providers use large portions of their homes for extended periods of time. For a mom with young children, this can be a natural extension of how you already spend your day. 

In-home childcare can mean running a home daycare center with several children in addition to your own, or it can mean nannying for only one or two other children from another family. In both cases, you will need to demonstrate experience in childcare, training in first aid and CPR, and a healthy, safe, and creative home environment. You will also need to comply with any local regulations regarding home childcare providers.   

Creating a Work-at-Home Career

For most of these work-at-home jobs, you will be considered a business owner or independent contractor rather than an employee. This means you will be responsible for complying with laws for the self-employed. To create a sustainable, legal work-at-home career, learn about all federal, state, and local laws regarding business licensing, taxes, and more.