Women's Shoe Width Size Chart

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Knowing your shoe size isn't enough to ensure a comfortable fit. Width is also a factor, but deciphering the width numbers and letters is confusing.

If you're like most people, your feet aren't perfectly shaped. You might be able to determine whether you have narrow, standard or wide feet by how your shoes currently feel while you're wearing them. Do they feel loose in the footbed? Do they feel tight, constricted or painful? Maybe they feel fine.

Measure your feet just to make sure. With your measurements handy, refer to the Women's Shoe Sizes and Widths Chart. Your width will help you determine whether your feet are narrow, wide, etc.

But knowing your feet are narrow/wide/extra wide/etc. isn't enough. Shoe manufacturers use a slew of letters and numbers to size widths. B, 2A, C, EE, M... What do they all mean?

While the following chart is not all-inclusive - you may come across sizes like 5A or 6E - this will give you a good overall idea of how the width markings system works:

Women's Shoe Width Size Chart

X-Narrow/Slim Narrow Medium Wide X-Wide XX-Wide
4A 2A B C E 3E
S A - - WW XXW
- - - - XW -

Helpful Tips

Generally the more letters there are, the more extreme the fit. For example, AAAA, or 4A, is more narrow than AAA, or 3A. EEEE, or 4E, is wider than EEE, or 3E.

The shoe industry definitely doesn't make determining your exact measurements easy. If you've tried measuring your feet yourself and are still unsure about what your true size is, the best thing you can do is visit a shoe store and get properly sized by a knowledgeable salesperson. You can pick up a new pair of shoes while you're at it!

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