Woman on Top Position

Wooden dolls illustrating the woman on top sex position
Cory Silverberg

The woman on top sex position is, in some ways, a reminder of what has changed about the ways we talk about women's sex and sexual agency.  Not that sexism and misogyny aren't still fundamental parts of Western society and thought.  They are. But there was a time, not long ago, when the idea of a woman being on top during sex was risque, radical, and revolutionary.  

For some it may still be. But for many, it's just another way to have sex.

Basic Woman on Top Position:

The basic position has the partner who is being penetrated sitting on top of the partner doing the penetration. The person on top is usually facing the person on the bottom and the most common version of this position has the woman sitting on top of her partner facing him/her, with her knees bent and shins on the ground.

Position Variations:

Some people prefer to keep their feet on the ground so they are essentially squatting over their partner. If you have strong leg muscles you have more possibilities for moving up and down on your partner.

Another variation has the person on top facing away from their partner (so their bum is facing her partner). Some people will support themselves with their hands and use their arms to bring themselves up and down.


  • This sex position gives the person on top the greatest amount of control. You can control the pace of the thrusting, and the angle of penetration.
  • If the partner on top has a clitoris then this position makes adding clitoral stimulation much easier.
  • Vibrating rings which are sex toys that can be worn at the base of a penis or a dildo and provide clitoral stimulation, are often most effective with this position.


For people who like a lot of thrusting penetration, this position can be unsatisfying.

As well, for the time that the partner on top is actually sitting up, there is less body to body contact than other positions (it’s not very cuddly, if that’s what you are looking for).

More Ideas:

Using pillows under the bum and even back of the person on bottom can change the amount of movement and control the person on the bottom has for thrusting.

Who Is on Top?

This may be at once the most obvious and deceptive of sex position names. Obvious in that the name, woman on top, seems to tell you everything you need to know to get into this position. Deceptive because a sex position just describes how two (or more) bodies are in relation to each other when they are having sex.

The "woman on top" position could be done when there's no woman at all, or where there was a woman, but she's on the bottom (and maybe top as well). None of this makes it less of a fun position, but it's worth thinking about the way we use gendered terms even and how they might limit what we think our options are.

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