Wolfenstein: Youngblood Walkthrough, Cheats, and Codes

Your guide for PS4, Switch, PC, and more

A spin-off of the critically acclaimed Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Wolfenstein: Youngblood encourages players to fight the forces of Nazism together. This walkthrough for Wolfenstein: Youngblood covers all achievements, Gestapo crate codes, and how to unlock God Key Doors.

These Wolfenstein: Youngblood cheats are for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch editions.

Solo vs. Co-op Gameplay in Wolfenstein: Youngblood

While it's possible to play with the assistance of an AI partner, teaming up with a human player is recommended if you want to earn all achievements and find every collectible in Wolfenstein: Youngblood. If one player leaves the game, the other player can continue playing with the AI.

To play with friends who don't own the game, use the Buddy Pass that comes with the Deluxe Edition of Wolfenstein: Youngblood. Your buddy must also download the trial version of the game and create a Bethesda.net account. You may give out as many Buddy Passes as you please.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood doesn't support local multiplayer.

How to Unlock God Key Doors

Near the end of the main campaign, you'll earn an ability that lets you knock down the locked God Key Doors found throughout the game. Behind them lies powerful weapons and items you need to complete all of the side missions, so backtracking to previous areas is well worth your time.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Cheat Codes

Gestapo crates are full of silver that you can invest into upgrading weapons and unlocking bonus content like concept art. Obtain the codes to unlock Gestapo crates from hidden floppy disks, or use the codes below.

Obtaining some crates requires specific abilities, so you have to revisit some levels to get them all.

Gestapo Crate Area Location Code
Gestapo Crate #1 Riverside Behind a barrier near the disk decoder. 9576
Gestapo Crate #2 Riverside In a room above the security checkpoint. 2703
Gestapo Crate #3 Riverside On the rooftop across from the Ubertechnik store. 1234
Gestapo Crate #4 Little Berlin Near the interrogation center. 9317
Gestapo Crate #5 Little Berlin Near the bridge in front of the Brother 1 gate. 1234
Gestapo Crate #6 Little Berlin In the room with the Ubcommander in the Ubcommander Fleisher side mission. 8055
Gestapo Crate #7 Victory Boulevard In the radio station. 9189
Gestapo Crate #8 Victory Boulevard In an apartment near Metro Station North. 2161
Gestapo Crate #9 Detention Area 4 In the room filled with containers. 7144
Gestapo Crate #10 Detention Area 4 In the apartments between the two main areas. 1983
Gestapo Crate #11 Brother 1 In a holding cell near the control room. 1265
Gestapo Crate #12 Brother 1 On the walkway in the lobby. 7532
Gestapo Crate #13 Brother 1 In the archives during the Blueprints side mission. 3444
Gestapo Crate #14 Brother 2 On a walkway near the landing pads on the roof. 1987
Gestapo Crate #15 Brother 2 On the other side of the big dome. 2905
Gestapo Crate #16 Brother 2 Behind the God Key Door in Silverfish Depot. 5858
Gestapo Crate #17 Brother 3 Near the staircase in the main computer room. 2354
Gestapo Crate #18 Brother 3 In the ruined area before the lab. 3201
Gestapo Crate #19 Brother 3 Down a tunnel in the lab. 0912
Gestapo Crate #20 Brother 3 Behind the "Wir bauen die zukunft auf wissenschaft" sign in the lobby. 6743
Gestapo Crate #21 Lab X In a control room between the first and second lab. 8352
Gestapo Crate #22 Lab X Beyond the laser wall in the second lab. 1414
Gestapo Crate #23 Lab X In the field office outside of Lab X. 4780
Gestapo Crate #24 Lab X Behind a locked door in Lothar and Juju's Trap side mission. 2569
Gestapo Crate #25 Lab X In the cave after the final mission. 5806

How to Upgrade Weapons

There are a few ways to make your weapons more deadly:

  • Collect silver to purchase weapon upgrades.
  • Raise your Weapon Mastery by killing a lot of enemies with a specific weapon type.
  • Equip items that grant damage bonuses.
  • Level up your characters by earning experience points to increase your overall strength.

How to Get a Stealth Bonus

Kill enemies without being detected to earn a stealth bonus. Crouching, take-downs, throwing axes, and the Cloak ability are your best friends.

Remember to prioritize killing Commandants since they can call for backup.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Collectibles

To unlock every achievement, you must find every collectible in the game. There are six types of collectibles scattered throughout the levels:

  • Concept chests.
  • UVK tapes.
  • Audio tapes.
  • 3D glasses.
  • Readables.
  • Floppy disks.

How to Play Wolfenstein 3D

Go to the bar in the Paris Catacombs to find an arcade cabinet where you can play the full German edition of Wolfenstein 3D.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Trainers

You can find various player-created trainers for Wolfenstein: Youngblood on the web that unlock various cheats, including:

  • Infinite health.
  • Infinite armor.
  • Infinite lives.
  • Infinite ammo.
  • Unlimited Cloak ability.
  • Extra skill points, coins, and XP.
  • Increase game speed.
  • Improved accuracy.
  • One-hit kills.
  • No reload.
  • No recoil.

Trainers are only available for the PC version of Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Achievements

Unlock every achievement (including the secret ones) to complete Wolfenstein: Youngblood 100 percent.

Achievement Requirement
3-D Collect all 3D glasses.
A better you Obtain five abilities.
A cloud of lead Achieve mastery level 10 with the Kugelgewehr.
A red mist Gore 150 enemies.
Airborne Kill 50 enemies while airborne. 
Airship down Defeat Winkler.
American Football Kill 50 enemies with your Crush ability.
Among friends Link up with the resistance.
Audiophile Find all cassette tapes.
Banker Find 60,000 coins.
Bomber Kill 50 enemies using explosives.
Brother 1 Defeat the Übergarde in Brother 1.
Brother 2 Defeat the Übergarde in Brother 2.
Brother 3 Defeat the Übergarde in Brother 3.
Chop and slice Achieve mastery level 10 with a melee weapon.
Chopper Achieve mastery level 10 with the Sturmgewehr.
Cinephile Find all UVK covers.
Dark days Enter all Undergrounds.
Demolition woman Achieve mastery level 10 with the Dieselkraftwerk.
Dust to dust Achieve mastery level 10 with the Laserkraftwerk.
Electric feel Achieve mastery level 10 with the Elektrokraftwerk.
Expert explorer Open all red supply crates.
Explorer Open 200 supply crates.
Extra everything Obtain 15 abilities.
Gear head Obtain all improved weapon upgrades.
Get the strap Achieve mastery level 10 with the Maschinenpistole.
God Key Obtain the God Key.
God mode Kill 50 enemies with their own bullets.
Gunslinger Achieve mastery level 10 with the Pistole.
Hacker Collect all floppy disks.
Hammer time Achieve mastery level 10 with a Hammer weapon.
Hard boiled Kill 100 enemies while dual-wielding.
Heavy artillery Tuck a Hammer weapon away for later.
Immovable object Kill 10 charging Supersoldaten.
Intruder Get through 10 code locks.
Kitted out Obtain 10 weapon upgrades.
Librarian Find all Readables.
More human than human Obtain all abilities.
One woman army Achieve mastery level 10 with all weapons.
Partisan Complete all missions.
Plain sight Enter the Lab X.
Predator Kill an enemy within three seconds of uncloaking 50 times.
Prepper Pick up 250 loot supplies.
Rasputin Revive or get revived 25 times.
Resistor Kill 500 enemies.
Right tool for the job Kill 75 enemies using the weapon type that's most effective against their shield type.
Ripper Kill 75 enemies using take-downs.
See my vest Obtain five power armor skins.
Spray and pray Achieve mastery level 10 with the Blitzgewehr.
Stealthy Stealthily kill 50 enemies.
Sting like a bee Stealth Kill 10 Supersoldaten.
Supportive Perform 100 pep signals.
Supreme ninja Kill 50 enemies using thrown weapons.
Swatter Kill 20 drones.
Tacticool Fully upgrade a weapon brand.
Teamwork Complete a mission with co-op player.
Tribute Obtain the souvenir from Dunwall.
Trigger happy Fire 100,000 shots.
Vive la révolution! Kill Lothar. 
World's best Dad Meet up with your father.