Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Walkthrough, Cheats, and Codes

Defeat the Nazis with these secrets, collectibles, and cheats

Fighting Nazis is a tradition the Wolfenstein series has carried on for decades. Like Wolfenstein 3D did in 1992, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus raises the bar for modern gaming. This walkthrough covers how to unlock the secret mission, where to find collectibles, how to get the best ending, and more.

These cheats are for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus on all platforms, including PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

How to Unlock the Secret Mission in Wolfenstein II

Finish every Übercommander assassination mission and obtain every Death Card (except the last one) to unlock a secret mission in Riverside, NY on the map.

How to Get Unlimited Enigma Codes Fast

You need Enigma Codes to unlock new missions and replay missions to find collectibles you may have missed during your first playthrough. To earn as many Enigma Codes as you need as quickly as possible:

  1. Unlock and begin the Manhattan: Penthouse District assassination mission.

  2. Select Gameplay at the options menu and lower the difficulty to the easiest setting.

  3. Complete the mission.

  4. Replay the mission and find two commanders.

  5. Kill the commanders and take the Enigma Codes from their dead bodies, then exit the mission.

  6. Keep replaying the mission to kill more commanders and get more Enigma Codes.

How to Get Death Cards

Defeat Übercommanders to win Death Cards. Unlock Übercommander missions by collecting Enigma Codes. You can exit the mission once you collect the Death Card, or you can continue exploring.

How to Play Wolfstone 3D

Between missions, you can play a knock-off of Wolfenstein 3D called Wolfstone 3D in Club Kreissau. You can play a different level each time, so play whenever you can to complete every mission and unlock the Retro achievement.

Weapon Upgrade Kit Locations

Collect upgrade kits to unlock upgrades for weapons.

Collectible Area Location
Upgrade Kit #1 Eva's Hammer To the right of the entrance to the shooting range.
Upgrade Kit #2 Eva's Hammer Near the exit of the Contraptions Obstacle Course.
Upgrade Kit #3 Eva's Hammer Behind the bunk in the Kill House.
Upgrade Kit #4 Manhattan Harbor Third floor of the first building in the harbor district.
Upgrade Kit #5 Manhattan Subway Maintenance office in the second terminal.
Upgrade Kit #6 Manhattan Ruins In a room up the stairs of the skyscraper near the beginning of the area.
Upgrade Kit #7 Manhattan Penthouse Up the stairs in the back-left corner of the second floor of the main area.
Upgrade Kit #8 Manhattan Penthouse Inside the cage on the second floor of the main area.
Upgrade Kit #9 Manhattan Nuclear Bunker Beside a destructible wall outside the control room.
Upgrade Kit #10 Manhattan Nuclear Bunker Through a vent in the hall leading to the second floor in the Übercommander's area.
Upgrade Kit #11 Roswell Downtown On a desk in the secret lair in the Übercommander assassination mission.
Upgrade Kit #12 Roswell Underground On the right side of the tracks on the first floor of the train station.
Upgrade Kit #13 Mesquite Farmhouse On a shelf in the main house basement.
Upgrade Kit #14 New Orleans Wall In a control room on the top level.
Upgrade Kit #15 New Orleans Ghetto In the garage near the train roundhouse entrance.
Upgrade Kit #16 New Orleans Bienville Street In a back room of the Nazi-flag base before the underground tunnels.
Upgrade Kit #17 New Orleans Lakeview In the building left of the central road on the way to the submarine.
Upgrade Kit #18 Venus Habitat In Room 1 of the hotel.
Upgrade Kit #19 Venus Transporthalle On the other side of a yellow ladder in the underground tunnels.
Upgrade Kit #20 Venus Oberkommando On a cart in the room with the laser turret on the second floor.

Max's Toys Locations

Talk to Gizela Balog in Eva's Hammer to begin the Max's Toys side quest, then use Enigma Codes to unlock replay missions and find the toys.

Collectible Area Location
Toy 1 Manhattan: Ruins District Behind crates in the area where you get the constrictor harness.

Toy 2

Manhattan: Harbor District Top of the building where the Übercommander is.
Toy 3 Manhattan: Subway District In the trains on the left in the final area.
Toy 4 Manhattan: Bunker District Inside the train to the right of where you fight the Übercommander.
Toy 5 Manhattan: Penthouse District Behind the bookshelves to the left of where you fight the Übercommander.
Toy 6 Roswell: Downtown District Inside a grate in the storefront across from the gas station.
Toy 7 Roswell: Underground District On the counter in the office on the ground floor.
Toy 8 Mesquite: Farmhouse District On a table beside the trailers near the beginning of the area.
Toy 9 New Orleans: Ghetto District Behind the bar inside the building on the left near the end of the level.
Toy 10 New Orleans: Confinement Wall District On a shelf in the back-right room from where you fight the Übercommander.
Toy 11 New Orleans: Bienville Street District In a corner in the tunnels.
Toy 12 New Orleans: Lakeview District Behind the trash at the right end of the street.
Toy 13 Venus: Habitat District Inside Room 3.
Toy 14 Venus: Transporthalle District On the desk after killing the Übercommander.
Toy 15 Venus: Oberkommando District Behind the white crates at the start of the level.

All Record Locations

You can obtain some records during your first playthrough, but others require you to replay missions. Here are all the locations:

Collectible Area Location
Record 1 Manhattan: Harbor District On the top floor of the second building.
Record 2 Manhattan: Ruins District Behind a table inside the building to the far left of where you fight the giant robot.
Record 3 Manhattan: Penthouse District On a desk to the right of the exit.
Record 4 Roswell: Downtown District During the Übercommander replay mission, look inside the building to the left just before the shake shop. Inside near the drums, you'll spot the record.
Record 5 Roswell: Underground District Inside an office to the left before you enter the train.
Record 6 Manhattan: Bunker District On the countertop to the left of where you enter the New Orleans Dossier.
Record 7 New Orleans: Confinement Wall District Inside the building on the right at the start of the level.
Record 8 New Orleans: Lakeview District In the trunk of a car to the right of the bus blocking the road.
Record 9 Venus: Habitat District In Room 8.
Record 10 Venus: Oberkommando District In the first room to the left on the second floor.

How to Find Fergus' Arm

If you choose to save Fergus Reid, you need to locate his arm. It's in the hanger, but you have to talk to people in Eva's Hammer before you can retrieve it. On the top floor, there are boxes blocking a vent. Destroy the boxes and go through the vent to find the arm.

Wolfenstein II Secret Ending

Complete the secret Riverside mission and defeat the final boss to see the true ending to Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

How to Fully Upgrade All Weapons for Free

Collect every piece of intel in the game to fully upgrade all your weapons.

How to Unlock All Skills for Free

Don't pay to unlock new skills. Instead, collect every Tome of Power to get all skills for free, and use your money to upgrade weapons.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Cheats for PC

The PC version of Wolfenstein II has an exclusive cheat menu that becomes available after completing the game. Press the Esc key, then select Options > Game options > Cheat Menu. You have the following options:

  • Pumpkin Heads (Turn enemy heads into orange squashes)
  • Unlock All Weapons
  • Unlock All Veil Powers
  • Infinite Money

Using these cheats prevents you from unlocking achievements.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Achievements

Get every achievement to 100 percent complete in Wolfenstein II.

Trophies How to Unlock
Déjà Vu Choose who dies at the beginning.
Carrying the Torch Use the power armor.
Enemy Within Stop the Nazi signal in Section F.
Amazing Grace Recruit Grace's group.
It's Fricking Space Aliens! Discover Area 52.
R.I.P. Kill your dad.
All the Gains! Get a new body.
Sermons and Moonshine Recruit Horton's group.
Venus Travel to outer space.
The Ausmerzer Capture the Ausmerzer.
Starting a Collection Find one of each collectible.
Toy Collector Find all of Max's toys.
Audiophile Find every record.
Golden Boy Find all gold.
Terror-Billy Collect every Death Card.
Meet the Cast Find every Star Card.
Art Aficionado Find every piece of concept art.
Tinkerer Upgrade any weapon.
Specialist Fully upgrade any weapon.
Gun Nut Fully upgrade every weapon.
Revolution Finish the main story.
Bring 'em on! Complete the game on Bring 'em on! difficulty or higher.
Do or die! Beat the game on Do or die! difficulty or higher.
Call me Terror-Billy! Beat the game on Call me Terror-Billy! difficulty or higher.
I am death incarnate! Beat the game on I am death incarnate! difficulty or higher.
Mein Leben Beat the game on Mein Leben difficulty.
Max a perk Max out any perk.
Max All Perks Max out every perk.
Bull Rush Ramshackles tackle a charging Supersoldat.
Snakebite Perform a Constrictor Harness takedown.
The Sky is the Limit Perform a Battle Walker takedown.
Kick It Kill Hitler during the Aerostat audition.
They Did Nazi That Coming Perform 10 stealth kills in a row.
Hard Headed Collect 1,000 helmets.
I'm Machine Enough Beat the Panzerhund ride without killing anyone on Bring 'em On! difficulty or higher.
Coming Back for More Visit every district.
Across the Board Complete the killboard.
Complete Package Acquire all contraptions and contraption upgrades.
Plus Package Upgrade a contraption.
Make a Point Get the highest score in the shooting range.
First Loser Get the second-best time in the killhouse.
Crippled but Able Perform a takedown in the wheelchair.
Hail Mary Throw a hatchet and kill an enemy from 30 meters.
Sightseeing Visit any district.
Puzzler Find an Übercommander using the Enigma Machine.
Retro Play Wolfstone 3D.
Taste of Your Own Medicine Destroy a Zerstörer with an Übergewehr.
Ghost Complete a district without tripping the alarm.
Keep Playing Wait until after the end credits.
Sidetracked Complete all side missions.
The New Colossus Get every trophy.