Vitali vs Wladimir Klitschko

Vitali and Wladimir Boxing at Wembley Stadium

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if boxing's most famous brothers, Wladimir Klitschko and Vitali Klitschko, had met in the ring? Both have said that they would never agree to such a matchup because they did not want to break their mother's heart. Yet, such a bout might have resulted in their most exciting fight. To speculate, you need to first analyze the brothers' styles.

Wladimir's Strategy Is to Wear Opponents Down

A boxer's style—nine times out of 10—is usually the overriding factor in who wins a bout. Wladimir has changed quite a lot throughout his career. In the beginning, he was an exciting fighter to watch who often took chances and came forward throwing big bombs. He was spurred on by his amateur success, having won Olympic gold for Ukraine in 1996.

However, after getting knocked out a couple of times by Lamon Brewster and Corrie Sanders, he quickly began to realize that he needed to protect his chin. What resulted was an adaptation of style that began to see him box more cautiously. He nearly perfected the use of his huge reach—primarily his jab. Anytime he felt like he was in danger, he simply grabbed hold of an opponent to avoid damage.

Wladimir would then wear his opponent down over the course of the fight, eventually dropping in some right-hand punches when he was satisfied that his adversary no longer posed a threat.

Vitali's Tactic Is Going for Knockouts

Vitali, who retired from boxing in 2013, also used his reach and physical attributes, but he was by far the more natural fighter of the two. You could tell in some of his fights that there was real spite in his efforts—every punch was thrown with bad intentions.

He was a very awkward boxer to fight for most heavyweights as he had a knack for controlling distance and range while at the same time mixing up his punch variations, a lot more so than his brother who really just liked to throw jabs and straight right hands. Vitali always seemed genuinely interested in getting the knockout as fast as possible—he had of record of 34-1 with 22 knockouts.

The Matchup

After weighing these considerations, it's tough to say who would have won. In general, it's important to analyze fighters in their primes and at the peak of their powers when trying to make a pick in a fantasy fight.

But, in this case, the brother factor would also have been a consideration. Vitali is the older brother who brought his younger sibling into boxing in the first place. Vitali was a more aggressive boxer in his prime, with a better chin and natural fighting ability. The likely outcome of a prime-of-career fight between the brothers: Vitali by KO in the middle rounds.