Biography of Reggaeton's Wisin & Yandel

Wisin Y Yandel perform onstage during CALIBASH 2019 - Night 1 held at Staples Center in Los Angeles

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  • Real Name: Juan Luis Morera Luna
  • Born: December 1978
  • Nicknames: "W', El Sobreviviente
  • Personal: Married to Yomaira Ortiz, daughter Yelena


  • Real Name: Llandel Veguilla Malave Salazar
  • Born: January 1979
  • Nickname: "Y"
  • Personal: Married to Edneris Espada, two sons: Adrian Yandel and Derek

The popular reggaeton duo of Wisin and Yandel is from Cayey, Puerto Rico. Before getting together to form one of the genres most successful Latin music acts, Wisin was studying theater/acting, while Yandel worked as a barber. They fell in love with the reggae-Panamanian Dancehall music that was eventually named reggaeton and jumped into Puerto Rico's underground urban music scene.

In reggaeton's infancy, most of the music that was produced came in the form of compilation albums gathered together by the DJs that were promoting the music. Wisin & Yandel followed the familiar route and in 1998 appeared on DJ Dicky's effort No Fear 3. The album was released by Fresh Productions; they subsequently signed with that label and the following year released their debut album Los Reyes del Nuevo Milenio.

In the following years, they released three more albums, all of which met with good success in the Latin American markets. In 2004, they also each released a solo album: Yandel's was titled Quien Contra Mi, while Wisin gained a nickname with his El Sobreviviente. It wasn't until 2005 with the release of Pa'l Mundo that they caught the attention of a broader, non-Spanish speaking audience.

'Pa'l Mundo':

Pa'l Mundo was co-produced with reggaeton hitmakers Luny Tunes and was an almost immediate smash, lifting the duo from the ranks of the ordinary to the level of genre superstars like Tego Calderon and Daddy Yankee.

Pa'l Mundo spawned 3 major hit singles that stayed high on the charts for weeks: "Rakata", "Llame Pa' Verte" and "Noche de Sexo".

'Los Extraterrestres':

Wisin & Yandel then started their own record label, WY Records, and in 2007, released their sixth studio album Wisin vs. Yandel: Los Extraterrestres. With its first break-out single, "Sexy Movimiento," Wisin & Yandel skyrocketed to the top of the Latin urban music charts as well as winning honors at the 2008 Premio Lo Nuestro and Premio Juventud Awards.

Wisin & Yandel are busy riding the crest of huge popularity as they continue to add new artists to their label. Their next studio album, Los Extraterrestres 3, is scheduled to be released in 2009.

If you're interested in listening to the music of Wisin & Yandel, here are their two most popular albums:

  • Pa'l Mundo (2005)
  • Los Extraterrestres (2007)