Wire Free Bras

Everything You Want to Know About Wire Free Bras

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There are many kinds of bras out there. And while the underwire bra is the most commonly worn style in today's age, it's not the only kind. Wire free bras are a great option for many kinds of bra wearers, and there are several different kinds, including new, technologically advanced styles. Below, you'll find all of the information you need to know about bras without an underwire, who should wear them, what kinds exist, and how to determine your bra size. 

What Is a Wire Free Bra?

A wire free bra is a style of bra that does not have an underwire. It's as simple as that, but it doesn't stop there. Wire free bras also go by other names. Sometimes, they are commonly referred to as "wireless", simply meaning "without a wire", and not to be mistaken with WiFi technology. In addition, some lingerie websites or designers will call a wire free bra "soft cup", because they lack the firm wire. No matter what you call them, there are plenty of kinds to choose from.

Why Should I Wear a Non-Underwire Bra?

Anyone can wear a wire free bra. It's up to you if you'd like to wear an underwire or not. In fact, even if you love the everyday look of an underwire bra, you may want a wire free style in your bra wardrobe. It's enjoyable to wear a wire free style on the weekends, around the house, running errands, or on long car trips. In addition, those with a medical need, such as after surgery, or due to particular medical conditions, may require a bra without an underwire. And finally, you may just enjoy the more natural and (potentially) less lifted look of a non-underwire bra. 

If you prefer a non-underwire bra because you find underwire bras to be painful, it's a good idea to check in on your bra size or go get a bra fitting with an expert. Many women simply find an underwire bra to be uncomfortable because it's the incorrect size or not the ideal style for their bust. 

Styles of Wire Free Bra

Different kinds of wire free bras include:

  1. Bralette: The word bralette is often used interchangeably with wire free bra. Commonly, a bralette is a wire free bra that is very dainty, simple, and not structured with additional boning, seams, or molded cups. Most bralettes are sized using small/medium/large sizing system, though some are available in bra sizes. Common brands that make bralettes are Only Hearts and Free People.
  2. Basic: A basic wire free bra is one that is very practical and easy to wear with most clothing. While bralettes can be worn as an everyday style, they tend to lean toward a more fashion side of lingerie, and basic wire free bras are more practical. These bras can have a seam or not, and often have a soft, non-molded cup. Common brands that make a basic, wire free bra are Wacoal and Warner's
  3. Lace: Lace wire free bras could fall into the bralette category, but not every bralette is made of lace. A lace wire free bra can be worn as a lingerie or practical item. You can even find a strapless, non-underwire, lace bra - commonly called a "bandeau" bra. Common brands that make lace wire free bras are Hanky Panky and Cosabella.
  1. Structured: Though a bra may not have an underwire, that doesn't mean it can't support! Bras with a built-in structure often use side slings, carefully placed seams, and inner engineering to create support and lift, even in fuller bust sizes. Common brands that make structured wire free bras are Elila (up to N cup!) and Glamorise
  2. Sports bras: Sports bras are commonly found without an underwire, though that's not always true. One reason for going wire free while participating in physical activities is for a better range of motion when bending or moving. Even without an underwire, there are very supportive sports bras that use structure and firm materials to eliminate bounce. Common brands that make wire free sports bras are Shock Absorber and Brooks.
  3. Nursing bras: This is another style that is commonly wire free, but not always. When a woman is nursing, her bust is constantly fluctuating in size and fullness. This can cause a problem if that fluctuation results in a poor bra fit and an uncomfortable underwire. Common brands that make wire free nursing bras are Cake and HotMilk
  1. Molded: Newer to the scene, you can now find a molded bra without an underwire - even one with push up or padding! Common brands that make wire free molded bras are Gossard and OnGossamer
  2. Post-surgical bras: After surgery, it's often necessary to forgo an underwire, especially right after breast surgery for reduction, augmentation, mastectomy, lumpectomy, reconstruction or lift . In addition, these same women may find it more comfortable to continue to wear non-underwire bras well after their surgical scars and wounds have healed. Common brands that make post-surgical lingerie are Anita and Ana Ono.

There are multitudes of non-underwire bra options to choose from. Try one that fits your unique bust size and style needs. Whether you want to add a wire free bra to your wardrobe, or only wear wire free bras, give them a try!