Winter Makeup: Five Looks to Try Now

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Grey Smoky Eyes and Peach Lips

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Winter makeup is all about being bold, dark and dramatic. Play up your eyes using smoky tones, experiment with colored eyeliner in a winter hue like navy or Kelly green, or vamp up your lips with burst of matte color that you wouldn’t dare try during the warmer months.

In this picture, Selena Gomez is sporting a grey smokey eye highlighted with white shimmer. These colors work with nearly any outfit.

To Get This Look:

Line your top and bottom lids with black eyeliner. Make the line thicker toward the outer corner of your eye. Don’t forget your waterline!

Sweep dark grey eye shadow on the outer half of your lids. Brush some of the eye shadow up onto the outer corner of your brow bone. This will make your eyes appear larger.

Clean your brush, then apply white shimmer eyeshadow to the inner half of your lids, reaching all the way down to the inner corner of your eye. For an extra-shimmery look, press the shadow into your eyelid so it builds up a few coats.

Brush a soft dusting of the white shimmer eye shadow on and above your brow bone.

Curl your eyelashes, then carefully sweep on an even coat of mascara.

Use a peach-brown blush on the apples of your cheeks.

Apply metallic dark peach lipstick.

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Colored Eyeliner

Experiment with colored eyeliner that matches your dress for a winter makeup look that will turn heads. Getty Images

Colder temps are ideal for experimenting with different makeup looks, mostly because you won’t be running around in the sun and in danger of sweating off all of your perfectly-applied work.

Lea Michele’s winter makeup look is a daring deviation from what other starlets are wearing on the red carpet. Instead of the staple black eyeliner, Lea chose to line her eyes in metallic navy blue. The hue matches her dress perfectly and makes her brown eyes pop.

She did line her waterline in black, which only adds to her allure. She tops off the look with a generous amount of mascara and pale peach lips.

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Bold Lipstick

Winter is the time to experiment with bright red, burgundy and dark purple lips. Getty Images

Is it just me, or does Taylor Swift look like an adorable French gamine at this red carpet event? Maybe it’s the black and white stripes, or maybe it’s her bold lips and swept-back hair.

Though red lipstick enjoys popularity year-round, I think it’s more suitable for a gal's winter makeup. Bold matte lips are easier to maintain when it’s cold out and when you pick a shade to match your dress, you look totally put-together.

Copy Taylor's bright red, or experiment with burgundy and deep purple.

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Dark Eye Shadow

Dark green eyeshadow is a winner when it comes to winter makeup. Getty Images

Winter makeup is all about trying out darker hues, so trade your pastel eye shadow for something more cold temp-appropriate. Think browns, dark rose, navy and greens.

Keke Palmer’s Kelly green shadow is a true winter delight that matches her dress to a tee.

To keep her eyes from appearing too deeply set, she swept a layer of white eye shadow onto her brown bone and into the outermost corner of her eye, just before the crease of her nose.

She lined her bottom water line in black eyeliner, and topped off the look with a pair of false eyelashes.

Her bright pink lipstick is a stand-out choice, but I personally would go with a darker shade for the winter months.

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The Ice Queen (For the Bold!)

Turn yourself into an ice queen for a fun winter makeup look. Getty Images

Have you noticed that Katy Perry is all about dressing to go along with a theme? For “The Smurfs” movie premiere, she took the Smurfs’ blue skin and ran with it, creating a smoky eye with several shades of blue and plenty of sparkles.

Have a little fun with your winter makeup. If you’re going to a party or dance with an ice, snow or wintery theme, take the idea and make it your own.

To transform yourself into an ice queen, use a pale blue shadow on the inner part of your eye and blend it into a deeper blue shadow as your reach the middle and outer corner of your eye. Line your top lid and waterline with black eyeliner. Then, sweep a layer of the darker blue shadow underneath your waterline. Brush a thin coat of silver sparkles over your entire top lid.