Winter Formal Theme Ideas

Plan the ultimate winter dance with these seasonal ideas!

Three girls at a school dance
Charles Gullung

If you're on the winter formal dance committee, you're probably desperately trying to come up with a wintery theme for the shindig of the season—one that hasn't been done by the classes before yours.

Here are some ideas to get your brainstorming! You don't have to use them verbatim. Rather, use them as prompts to think of your own totally unique winter formal theme. One that will go down in yearbook history and inspire your friends and classmates to have the time of their lives (no pressure or anything).

Weather Themes

Since what you're planning is essentially a winter dance, it would make sense to craft your theme around the chilly weather that comes around this time of year. The Snow Ball, Frosted Formal, The Snowcoming Dance, The Big Freeze, Flurries and Frostbite, Winter Wonderland, The Icicle Dance, and The Snowflake Dance are all great places to start for themes. Be creative and combine your favorite wintry words to come up with a unique theme that's all your own!

Cold Destinations

While your town may only get cold during the winter months, there are some areas of the world that stay snow-filled all year long. Set your winter dance in one of these places to really get your dance-goers in the mood! Try an Alaskan-themed dance, an Antarctica themed-dance, or set your dance on the top of a snow-capped mountain like Mount Everest, or in the middle of Siberia or the Canadian tundra. You could also think smaller, like a romantic ski chalet, an icy pond in the middle of the woods, an igloo village or on an iceberg. Can't you just see the little stuffed penguins and gorgeous white snow blankets as decorations?

Holiday Themes

'Tis the holiday season, and it might make sense to craft your theme around a big holiday. However, be sure you're not excluding people from your school by limiting it too much. Thanksgiving Throwdown, New Year-coming, Gumdrop Gala, The Nutcracker Dance, The Gingerbread Gala, The Sleigh Ball, Peppermint Party, Dark Chocolate Nights, The Merry Mistletoe Dance, Winter Solstice Dance are all fun holiday themes. But of course, be creative and use these ideas to spark some of your own!

Famous Winter Events

Put a timely twist on your winter dance theme by crafting it around a major winter event. The Titanic crashed into an iceberg in the dead of winter, and though it was tragic, the movie made it romantic. Perhaps try a Titanic theme, or tap into your school's sports lovers by having a Winter Olympics theme. Or, simply go with a blizzard theme, with plenty of fake snow, glittery icicles, and a faux ice skating rink.

Valentine's Day Themes

If your winter formal falls in February, it would make sense to use Valentine's Day as the anchor theme. Instead of just naming it The Valentine's Day Dance, try some of these lovely themes: Queen of Hearts Dance, Candy Hearts Dance, Pink and White Semi-Formal, Cupid's Arrows Dance, Epic Romances, XOXO Dance,

Color Themes

If your school is on a budget, it might make sense to base your entire theme around a wintry color scheme. Try combining blue, silver, white, purple, ice, turquoise, gold and other winter colors to create your theme. Then, all you have to do is buy balloons, streamers, plates, utensils, and signs that match your color theme.

Song Themes

Of course, you could always take the hot song of the moment and simply make the title your theme.

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