A List of the Winningest College Football Programs

The Top 10 up to 2010

American football, close up of the snap

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The University of Michigan Wolverines -- which competes in the NCAA Big 10 Conference -- has been winning football games with frightening consistency since Coach Fielding Yost led the Wolverines back at the turn of the 20th century. It's no surprise that Michigan tops the list of the winningest programs in college football -- Coach Yost's teams were known as the "Point-a-Minute" teams because their offensive production averaged one point per minute. From 1901-1905, Yost coached his winning college football teams to 56 straight games without losing, while outscoring the competition 2,821 to 42. Also under Yost as the coach, Michigan won 10 conference championships and four national championships. Twenty players earned All-American honors while playing on Yost's winning Michigan football teams.

Winningest College Football Teams Up to 2010

What follows is the list of the 10 winningest NCAA Division I programs in the history of the game of football, ranked by total wins. The list is current through the end of the 2010 season.

  1. Michigan: 910-321-36
  2. Texas: 875-338-33
  3. Notre Dame: 874-305-42
  4. Nebraska: 860-354-40
  5. Ohio State: 849-316-53
  6. Oklahoma: 836-310-53
  7. Alabama: 832-321-43
  8. Tennessee: 804-361-55
  9. USC: 786-319-54
  10. Georgia: 759-402-54