Easy Winning: Win Prizes for Things You're Already Doing

Win Prizes Without the Grind

Do you love to win prizes but hate to fill out entry forms? Or maybe you just want to increase the number of ways that you could win prizes. If you're having trouble finding time to enter sweepstakes, or if you'd just like to shake things up a bit, here's some good news: if you watch TV, go for walks, or read books, there are easy ways to win prizes for things you are already doing.

Search the Internet and Win Prizes

Searching internet, man's hands laptop keyboard, magnifying glass on screen
While You're Searching the Net, You Could Be Winning. Dominik Pabis / Getty Images

Just about everyone today searches the internet to find sales leads while you're at work, get local showtimes for movies, or find intriguing recipes for tonight's dinner.

If you do your searching through a website like PCH Search and Win or Bing Rewards, you can get turn those daily searches into chances to win with no extra effort required.

While most of the prizes are fairly small, like $5 Amazon gift cards and similar prizes, there are some opportunities to win big as well. For example,  Natalie Bostelmann won a million-dollar prize from Publishers Clearing House for an online search.

Win Prizes for Exercising and Getting More Fit

Woman running on road
Get Moving and You Could Win Prizes. Mike Kemp / Getty Images

It can be hard to get motivated to get out and exercise, but there are several apps and websites that encourage you to be healthier by giving you the chance to win prizes just for moving more.

For example, Sweatcoin is a free app that gives you points for walking. You can exchange those points for various rewards.

Meanwhile, Bodybuilding.com offers regular contests to encourage people to be fitter (and to win some massive prizes while they're at it).

And Walgreen's offers rewards to people who track healthy activities.

Blow Off Steam with Online Games and Win Prizes

Rear View Of Woman Playing Game On Computer At Home
Playing Video Games Can Be Profitable, as Well as Fun. Jedrzej Kaminski / EyeEm / Getty Images

Playing online games is a great way to take a quick break from work, to pass some time, and to have some fun.

There are many online game sites out there, and some of them attract more users by offering the chance to win prizes just for playing.

What could be better than winning prizes while having a great time? If you'd like to give it a shot, visit PCH Games where you earn points for playing which you can exchange for sweepstakes entries or Pogo.com, where you can enter to win daily prizes and collect activity points to win jackpots.

Read and Review Books to Be a Winner

Man sitting on sofa reading book
Love to Read? Win Prizes for Your Opinions. Morsa Images / Getty Images

Have you ever finished a book and couldn't wait to tell the world what you thought of it? Well, if you love to share your opinions about the books you read, you could win prizes at the same time.

Many of the companies on the list of Book Sweepstakes Sites offer prizes for book reviews. You can also check your favorite book sites to see if they offer sweepstakes prizes in exchange for unbiased reviews.

Win Prizes for Using Your Devices

Man watching TV at home
You Can Even Win Prizes While Watching Television. Tom Grill / Getty Images

Some companies give you the chance to win prizes for watching TV or using your handheld devices. For example, you have probably heard of how Nielsen ratings impact television shows. You can't volunteer to be on a Nielsen TV panel, but you can sign up for a digital panel.

If you do, you receive points toward giveaways worth up to $10,000, just for using your devices like you normally do.

Shop and Win Prizes

Woman carrying shopping bags on city street
Win Prizes for Going Shopping. Sam Edwards / Getty Images

If you love to shop, you might as well win prizes while you're doing it. There are several different websites and apps that will help you win while you shop. For example, Shopkick gives you opportunities to win gift cards while you shop.

Additionally, don't forget that many companies offer giveaways for shopping or providing feedback on your shopping experiences. Check your store receipts carefully to see if you've been invited to participate. Many people don't bother responding, so your odds of winning are pretty good. 

Take Advantage to Get Rewarded for Your Everyday Activities

If you are going to be shopping, watching television, or searching the internet anyway, you might as well give yourself the chance to walk away a winner, right? By taking advantage of these winning opportunities, you can enter giveaways easily and get rewarded for the things that you are already doing.