Winnie the Pooh Jars Pictures and Prices

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Pooh Tree Houses

Pooh Tree Houses. Barbara Crews

If you collect Winnie the Pooh items, you're probably aware that Disney has made and licensed numerous Winnie the Pooh cookie jars. But just how many do you have? These pictures and links are only the tips of the iceberg when it comes to Disney and Pooh jars.

The first Pooh jar that I am aware of was done by California Originals, licensed by Disney and sold at Sears, Roebuck in the 1970s. But that was just the beginning of a long line of whimsical jars and go-withs from everyone's favorite bear.

The jar on the left is the Danaware treehouse. It's not very detailed and colors are washed out. The jar was available in Canada, with a "Made in Thailand" on the base.

The jar on the right: is one of my all time favorite jars is the Mr. Sanders Treehouse. The difference between the two treehouses jars is like night and day. This jar was available in selected Disney stores in the 1990s and was extremely difficult to find. It took numerous long distance phone calls to track a store carrying these jars but was worth the time and effort.

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Kitchen Table

Kitchen Table. Barbara Crews

This jar is another one in an apparent series of Pooh doing "something" or a scene. It's nicely detailed and colorful.

  • Available in Disney Stores
  • Date: Spring 2000
  • Issue Price: $35
  • Values: $35 - $65
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Pooh Sweete Shop

Pooh Sweete Shop. Barbara Crews

Disney jars are always well-made, painted nicely, and although it might have been by design, this jar appears to be the exception. Most of the jar looks great, but the purplish part is "smeary" -- I can't decide if it's supposed to look like melted ice cream. Other go-withs were available

  • Available at Disney Stores
  • Date: Spring 2004
  • Issue Price: $34.50
  • Values: $35 - $45
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Pooh Easter Egg Jars

Pooh Easter Egg Jars. Barbara Crews

Made in sold in 1998 and 1999 are two jars sold in the Disney Stores.

The jar on the left was made in 1999, the jar on the right was made and sold in 1998.

Issue price on both jars was around $30.

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Pooh's Cupboard

Pooh's Cupboard. Barbara Crews
  • Sold at Disney Stores
  • Timeline: Fall 1999
  • Values: $40 - $70
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Pooh's Halloween Cart

Pooh's Halloween Cart. Barbara Crews

A jar that makes noise when ​the lid is picked up.

  • Sold in Disney Stores
  • Date: Fall 2000
  • Size: Approximately 12"
  • Issue Price: $45
  • Values: $40 - $55
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Talking Tigger

Talking Tigger. Barbara Crews

Roo shares the spotlight with Tigger on this jar. Lift the lid and the jar talks! First, you'll hear the trademark Tigger chuckle, then Tigger says "Tiggers love cookies". Next Roo chimes in "Roos love cookies too."

  • Date: Winter/Spring 2001
  • Issue Price: $45
  • Values: $40 - $55
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Winnie the Pooh Spooky Halloween Tree

Barbara Crews

For quality, price, and intricacy this jar is a winner. Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore are all sculpted on the jar.

  • Sold in Disney Stores
  • Date: Fall 1999
  • Issue Price: $35
  • Values: $25 - $45
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Singapore/Canadian Poohs

Singapore/Canadian Poohs. Barbara Crews

The Pooh head jar was sold/available in ​Singapore. The Pooh full figured jar is a Danawares Jar from Canada.

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Danaware's Crock

Danaware's Crock. Barbara Crews

The Danawares crock jar has several different figures around the base. Tigger, Piglet, and Pooh are shown in fun poses.

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Treasure Craft Crock

Treasure Craft Crock. Barbara Crews

The Treasure Craft crock is all Poohs around the jar. He's looking inside a "hunney" pot, as well as other poses around the jar.

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Simply Pooh / Classic Pooh

Simply Pooh / Classic Pooh. Barbara Crews

Two more Pooh jars that were available in the late 1990s. Simply Pooh, on the left, was available at the Disney Stores in the fall of 1997.

The jar on the right is called Classic Pooh and was made by Treasure Craft.

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More Poohs

More Poohs. Barbara Crews

The jar on the left was available in the Disney Stores in the mid-1990s, the mark is "Made in Mexico" on the base.

The jar on the right has "Made in China" on base and I believe was available in Canada.

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Treasure Craft Poohs

Treasure Craft Poohs. Barb Crews

What's Cooking Pooh and Pooh & Piglet are both Treasure Craft jars. Both jars show "Made in China" or "China" on the base.

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Pooh with Bumble Bee

Pooh with Bumble Bee. Barbara Crews

This Pooh was sold in 1998. A cute jar with companion jars of Eeyore and Tigger also available.

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Wizard Pooh

Wizard Pooh. Barbara Crews
  • Sold in U.K. Disney Stores
  • Date: 2003
  • Size: Approximately 11.5"
  • Issue Price £16 ($24 US)
  • Values: $45 - $65
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Sitting Magic Pooh

Sitting Magic Pooh. Barbara Crews
  • Sold in Disney U.K. Stores
  • Date: 2001 or 2002
  • Size: Approximately 12"
  • Issue Price: £19.99 ($34.US)
  • Values: $45 - $75
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Halloween Crock

Halloween Crock. Barbara Crews
  • Sold in Disney U.K. Stores
  • Date: 2000 - 2002?
  • Size: Approximately 12"
  • Issue Price: £19.99 ($34.US)
  • Values: $40 - $65
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Zaks' Tigger and Pooh

Zaks. Barbara Crews
  • Sold in Wal-Mart
  • Date: Fall 2003
  • Manufacturer: Zaks
  • Issue Price: $16
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Pooh Pumpkin Jar

Halloween Pumpkin Jar. Barbara Crews
  • Sold in Disney Stores
  • Date: 1998
  • Shown w/candy jar
  • Issue Price: $25
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Pooh with Christmas Tree

Pooh with Christmas Tree. Barbara Crews
  • Disney Store Exclusive
  • Issue Date: Fall 1999
  • Issue Price: approximately $30
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California Originals Tigger

California Originals Tigger. Jimmy Bennett

One of the classic jars from California Originals. It is believed this jar was sold at Sears, Roebuck in the 1970s.

  • Size: 12"
  • Values: $175 - $275
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Eeyore and Milk

Courtesy of Disney Shopping

Poor sad Eeyore is a favorite Pooh character, but he looks a little overwhelmed with the huge glass of milk.

  • Size: 9 1/2" H x 8" W
  • Designed by Disney Store Europe
  • Issue Date: Early 2009
  • Issue Price: $39.95
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Eeyore with Rose

Courtesy of Disney Shopping

It's often hard to differentiate one Eeyore jar from another, especially since Disney calls them all by the same name, Eeyore. I'll name this one Eeyore with Rose.

  • Sold on Disney Online Shopping
  • Size: 10" H
  • Issue Date: Spring 2007
  • Issue Price: $34.95
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Courtesy of Disney Shopping

Tigger loves cookies, but apparently especially is fond of chocolate chips!

  • Sold on Disney Online Shopping
  • Size: 11" H
  • Issue Date: Spring 2007
  • Issue Price: $34.95
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Classic Pooh Picture and Prices

Treasure Craft Classic Pooh
Treasure Craft Classic Pooh. Barbara Crews

The Classic Pooh was one of the later jars from the Treasure Craft Company. Like most of their jars, it's a well-made, great design, heavy jar. The Classic Pooh design is right from the A. Milne illustrations, a perfect pick for the Pooh collector.

  • Date: Mid-nineties
  • Size: 12" tall
  • Estimated Value: $25 - $40

Note: This same design has been showing up at online auctions marked Brush-McCoy or McCoy. Those are sloppy looking fakes, don't be taken by buying one of those jars, when you can get an authentic jar for the same price online.