How to Win the Heart of the Leo Woman

The secret to earning her love is spelled 'R-E-S-P-E-C-T'

A Couple At Sunset
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Leo woman has a regal air and a big, good-natured personality. The light she shines draws men and women like bees to honey. Leo is sun-ruled, and her warmth can feel supernatural as if she has her own secret light source. She was born in the summer when fruit is at its ripest. She's juicy and sun-kissed. This empowers her to create and shine, asserting her presence in the world.

Leo in love is loyal, demanding, and affectionate. She'll know if your voice lacks sincerity. Leos can spot a fake a mile away.

Her Majesty

She's the life of any party, turning ho-hum places into fun scenes. She's an inspired fire sign and naturally vivacious, so she likes to act spontaneously and be creative. She's got healthy self-confidence and is attracted to the same. Her nature is very giving, most of all to herself.

Leo women love to be admired. Win her by loving what's unique about her style, her story, how she lives. Show up on time or face a reckoning. Respect is big with her, and being overlooked or underestimated isn't soon forgotten.

She's a fixed fire sign, which begets stubbornness. She seeks stability in love and life. If she's not feeling adored, she'll banish you from her realm.

Living Large

Leo woman isn't a gold-digger, but she loves fine things. If you lavish her with gold and other fineries, she takes notice. Her tastes are extravagant, so choose premium wine and upscale restaurants.

She's image-conscious, so time spent on your own appearance is a plus. She wants to be proud to be seen with you. It's likely she spent time in front of the mirror before you met and expects the same. Going beyond the casual look and having a unique style win points.

The Lioness loves spas and salons and gifts that pay homage to her mane, such as vintage or well-made hair clips. A flower for her hair, in lieu of a corsage, isn't too over-the-top. Scan her vanity table for gift ideas.

Leo at Play

Leo woman is pure fun. A game of Twister or a scavenger hunt will elicit that playful kid, as will an event that stirs the imagination, such as Cirque du Soleil or a street fair with music and artists. Memorialize time together with a picture, portrait, or song that casts the memory and her in magical light. Create an atmosphere of adventure in your relationship.

Her Purpose

Leo woman isn't all fun and games; she's one of the more ambitious Zodiac signs. Pay attention to her dreams and find ways to bolster her confidence toward achieving them. Every Lioness wants to put her personal stamp on her work. Help her refine her approach and offer practical strategies for making it happen.

Find ways to remind Leo woman of the powerful spark that drives her. Many Leo women have no problem asserting themselves and dictating what goes on, but if something eclipses her sunny nature, win her love by reminding her of that light within.

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