Win the Heart of the Aquarius Man

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Aquarian Man on the Water
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The Aquarius man is a thinker and loves to be stimulated by the unexpected. He's drawn to your eccentricities and spontaneous insights, so don't hold back.

Born under the planet of shocks and futuristic thinking (Uranus), he's bound to have some ideas that seem "out there." It's wise to keep an open mind if you're wanting him as a mate.

But it's less known that he's also ruled by deadly serious Saturn, and that comes through when he's stubbornly wed to his fixed ideas.  Aquarius in love is curious and friendly but is walled off to any meddling from the outside, like personal questions that aim to figure him out.

In Everyday Astrology, Gary Goldschneider writes that too much probing, especially about his behavior, leads to a clash of wills.  Says Gary, "After a while, if you take them to task for their erratic and unpredictable behavior, and attempt to patch things up each time, it will be like trying to close the pores of a leaking sieve."

He suggests being subtle with suggestions, and not trying anything too direct since it will trigger opposition.  Aquarians are live and let live types, and if you're taking him on as a project, it can only lead to disaster.  

The Aquarian motto is "take me as I am", and he rebels against those that set out to tame him.  

Friends With Benefits 

Aqua man is friendly and big-hearted, but there's a sense that he's always just a bit out of reach. He's born in the deep chill of winter, on the verge of Spring, and carries some of that icy cool with him.

He's lost in his thoughts or goes missing for days on end. He's got his own moral code, which might include other partners, so be sure you're on the same page.

I've known more than a few to be surprised to find their Aquarius had other "friends." For some that's just spreading the love around -- but if it's not your understanding, that leads to quite a shock.

The Aquarius man can be a trendsetter, an absent-minded Professor type, a quirky genius, and much more. He's progressive by nature but is known to have rigidity with opinions.  This is the paradox -- he rebels against fixed ideas but can be maddeningly blind to his own.


The detached air sign Aquarius man is a free agent, and even when committed, keeps a sense of separateness. For the right lover, this is liberating, with room to change every which way. He will treat you like a friend first, so be sure you enjoy his companionship.

This is someone with the upper limit of friends on social media, and there can be times when you feel one in the crowd. He can seem "lost to you" at times, which is tough on more sensitive hearts. Many Aquarians are in committed relationships, but it's in their nature to engage with the many or to vanish by themselves.

So how to win his heart? Be utterly fascinating and engaged in your own creations. Have an open mind, and let him be who he is. Don't get too emotional or intense.  But if you're a big feeler and intense by nature, well, you'll be an awkward fit.  

Like other fixed signs, he tends to be a provocative tease, from behind a self-protective fortress.  But if you hit a volley back, and ridicule him in some way, his annoyed reaction might surprise you.  He dishes it out, but can't always take it.  

If you want to reel in the Waterbearer, be fascinating and cultivate your own genius, and then share it with him.  

Avoid talk of commitment, as that makes him turn into the invisible man.  An Aquarius Love Tip is the truism that the more you try to hold on, the more he slips through your fingers.

If this doesn't sound like you, there are plenty of other fish in the sea. The Aquarius man of all people understands that and will probably wish you well on your way!

He can be matter-of-fact about dating and is philosophical when things don't work out.  This is one of the Zodiac's players that might even end up being a friend after the fact.  

But watch out for arrangements that keep the tie "active" but don't give you that deeper connection you're looking for.  He can be that friend with benefits, which works for some, but is a vicious cycle for others.