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This air sign is like the sky - her eyes are just as cerulean (or far-away), and her mind is just as wide. She is known for being cool, remote even. Her mind is often set to "Roam," where she comes and goes, bringing back the unexpected.

Aquarius is love is loyal, but breaks away when she feels claustrophobic. 

She has a social ease and makes acquaintances that last. Time is relative to the Aquarian woman, so it matters not if you've known her a day or a lifetime. Her contact list is full, with an eclectic mix of characters. Known to look beyond labels, she dates across the age, race and culture spectrum. She likes to be friends first, and stay that way, no matter what.

Beautiful Mind

Her strength of individuality shines through in any conversation. She prides herself on being a progressive thinker. She's the last to agree with anyone's opinion, just to boost his or her ego. This sets her apart, as a truly free-thinking woman, which can be intimidating to some.

She'll be impressed if you know your own mind, and bring stimulating ideas to the table. Her thinking is often global, so if you're up to speed on the latest sweeping trends, that helps. She loves a challenge and can be a maddening debater. Some Aquarians are relentless with their focus on one issue and can drive those around them crazy with it.

Be prepared for a heady time, where it seems things never drop down into the personal. If you're someone who needs to feel someone out emotionally - like a water sign - she's a tough one for you to trust. Earth signs may find it hard to imagine cuddling this alluring but distant persona. In general, fire and other air signs do well with the Aquarius woman. But look for common ground, and remember that there's more to your birth chart, and compatibility could be found elsewhere to balance things out.

Gizmo Girl

The female Waterbearer considers herself a citizen of the world, with real or virtual friends from all over. She finds worldliness attractive, and it won't hurt if you're into gadgets n' gizmos. If she's not home, she'll Skype you, so it helps if you're already hooked up.

And yet, she doesn't want to be a slave to technology and is known to vanish, with the phone turned off or Facebook profile disabled. I know one Aquarius Moon woman that checks her email once a week. The Aquarian woman values her time and abhors being locked into a routine, and if she finds it's too much, she'll cut the cords and try something new.

She's unpredictable like that. Once you think you've got her deets, the line is disconnected. It's her nature to stay free, and even unreachable, though she is often a person of high integrity. She's aimed at the future and is often preoccupied with ideas that are ahead-of-their-time. She casts a wide net and gets absorbed in what others call fringey or taboo. She seeks novelty and experimentation, is at home at the cutting edge.

Can You Roll?

She's attracted to what's truly original about you, especially if it's a strange bent. Others might roll their eyes, but she wants to hear your most bizarre musings. She'll warm to you, if you accept her own quirks, and give her the space she needs to truly be free. 

Aquarius is a fixed sign, and once she's fixed on an idea or person, there's staying power. The flip side of this is being stubbornly wed to a line of thinking. And yet, there's some unpredictability with Aquarians that makes for surprise plot twists. The name of the game is change and freedom. If you're in sync with that kind of zigzaggy engagement with life, you'll be able to ride the waves of the Waterbearer.

Be interesting. Wear something that has a wild story to go along with it, or makes you stand out. Go in without any pre-set judgments about what goes on in her head, despite how she looks on the outside. Show your own radical side, and celebrate the ways you flaunt convention. She admires those with a passion for a cause.

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