Willie Colon - Best Songs

Photo Courtesy Fania
Willie Colon - 'Fantasmas'. Photo Courtesy Fania

For more than four decades, Willie Colon has been defining one of the most unique styles in Salsa music. Although he recorded some of his most memorable songs with legendary soneros like Hector Lavoe, Ruben Blades, and Celia Cruz, his solo career has been generous in terms of hits. Besides their timeless popularity, the following tracks provide a good spectrum of the different sounds that Willie Colon has incorporated into his music. Let's take a look at the top songs from El Malo Del Bronx.

"Mi Sueño"
From the album Fantasmas, this track is one of the most beautiful and harmonious songs ever recorded by Willie Colon. Musically speaking, "Mi Sueño" offers a sophisticated sound defined by its nice percussion and the elegant arrangements of the violins and trombones.

"Sin Poderte Hablar"
Another sophisticated track featuring beautiful lyrics, "Sin Poderte Hablar" is enhanced by Willie Colon's singing and the musical arrangements you can hear throughout this tune. The notes of the violins in the background are fantastic. Wonderful track from beginning to end.

"Apartamento 21"
This instrumental piece is one of the best songs from El Baquine De Angelitos Negros, a unique album released back in 1977 in which Willie Colon experimented with different sounds. The combination of trombone, percussion, and piano on this classy track is fabulous.

"Amor Verdadero"
Just like most of the songs I have previously mentioned, this track is not your traditional Salsa song. In fact, "Sin Poderte Hablar," sounds more like a funky Merengue. I think this is one of those Willie Colon songs where you can find a perfect match between his vocals and the melody.

"Demasiado Corazon"
A contemporary hit, "Demasiado Corazon" features the typical Cumbia-like percussion that Willie Colon has used in some of his most popular songs. Just as its beat, this song also features the characteristic flavor provided by the trombone.

Like several of the Salsa dura songs recorded by Willie Colon, "Casanova" depicts a sordid story. In this case, the song tells the story of a mature man who used to hit on young girls before he is killed. The story is adorned with a nice melody that injects this track with its suburban flavor.

"Oh Que Sera"
Brazilian music has played an important role in the repertoire of Willie Colon. In fact, several of his songs are touched by different Brazilian music arrangements. This track is just a Salsa version of the legendary hit written by Chico Buarque, one of the most influential Brazilian artists of all time. A lovely track from beginning to end that maintains the serious reflection of the original song.

"El Gran Varon"
This has been one of the most popular yet controversial songs ever produced by Willie Colon. The lyrics of this single portray the life of a gay man who dies of HIV. There have always been mixed feelings about the real meaning of this tune. Apart from that, great song for a night of dancing.

"Camino Al Barrio"

Another song from the album El Baquine De Angelitos Negros, "Camino Al Barrio" is an amazing instrumental track. If you are looking for a cool Salsa song, you have to get your hands on this tune. Every single instrument finds the perfect place on this song. Look out for the nice, decisive sound of the campana (cowbell).


This beautiful song, featuring the amazing voice of singer Cuco Peña, has been one of the most popular tracks produced by the artist from The Bronx. A perfect tune for a Latin party, "Idilio" highlights Willie Colon's amazing trombone playing.

"Talento De Television"

This track was the most popular hit from the 1995 album Tras La Tormenta, a collaboration work featuring the Panamanian singer Ruben Blades. With its catchy beat and irreverent lyrics, this song became a favorite among Salsa music fans.


Perhaps the most suggestive song recorded by Willie Colon, "Gitana" is a Salsa track nicely enhanced by its gypsy flavor. Musically speaking, "Gitana" is as good as it gets in terms of the experimental sound that Willie Colon has incorporated into his music. A very nice song from beginning to end.