Wild Samoan - Anoa'i - Maivia Family Tree

The Rock and John Cena performing in a wrestling match
The Rock and John Cena.

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Peter Maivia is the patriarch of the most successful family in WWE history. The family boasts five members of the WWE Hall of Fame, a wrestling school responsible for training WWE Champion Batista, and last but certainly not least, "The Most Electrifying Man in Sports and Entertainment" Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. In addition to all of the wrestlers' names listed below (limited only to those who have competed full-time in WWE), there are potentially more members of the family on their way to the company.

Peter Maivia

Peter Maivia achieved High Chief status in Samoa and had the tattoos across his arms and legs in honor of this. Another Samoan tradition he honored was that of the blood brother ritual which he performed with Amituana Anoa'i. As a wrestler, he performed all over the world and had WWE Championship matches at Madison Square Garden against Billy Graham and Bob Backlund

Outside of the ring, he appeared in the James Bond film You Only Live Twice and was an owner of the wrestling territory in Hawaii. In 1982, he passed away from cancer at the age of 45. Twenty-six years later, he was posthumously inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Rocky Johnson and The Rock

Peter Maivia's daughter, Ata Maivia, married professional wrestler Rocky Johnson. Rocky, who is also a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, is most famous for being one-half of the first African-American tag team champions in WWE history. In 1996, their child Dwayne Johnson entered WWE under the name of Rocky Maivia to honor his father and grandfather. He later changed his name to The Rock and became one of the most successful wrestlers in history as well as a popular A-list actor.

The Children of Amituana Anoa'i

Two of Amituana's sons followed their uncle into the family business. Afa and Sika, also known to wrestling fans as The Wild Samoans, were one of the most successful tag teams in the business. The Hall of Famers won tag team gold on 21 occasions including three times in WWE. Afa went on to open a wrestling school which has been the training grounds for many of the names you are about to read about as well as Batista and Mickey Rourke.

In addition to the two sons that wrestled, Amituana had two other children, Junior and Vera, whose children have competed in WWE.

The Sons of Afa

Two of Afa's sons have competed in WWE.  The one most familiar to younger fans is Afa Jr., who also wrestled under the name of Manu.  He is most famous for his attempt to join Randy Orton's Legacy faction. 

His other son to join WWE wrestled under a variety of names including Samoan #3, Samula, and Samu.  He began his WWE career as a replacement for his injured Uncle Sika during one of their World Tag Team Championship reigns.  His greatest success came as part of a tag team with his cousin Fatu.  They were known as The Samoan Swat Team in WCCW and WCW and were renamed The Headshrinkers in WWE where they won tag team gold.

The Sons of Sika

Sika has had two of his sons follow his footsteps into WWE. The first son to enter the company wrestled under the name of Rosey. He was originally part of the tag team 3 Minute Warning with his cousin Jamal and later became a Super Hero in Training under the tutelage of The Hurricane. 

Sika is also the father of Roman Reigns who made his debut in WWE as part of The Shield. He is a former WWE Tag team Championship with Seth Rollins and is on the cusp of becoming the next big star for the company.


Yokozuna was the son of Junior Anoa'i. He became the first member of the family to win the WWE Championship, a title he held on two different occasions. He was also the third man in history to compete in the final match of two consecutive WrestleMania events and the only wrestler to both win and lose the WWE Championship at one WrestleMania. His difficulty controlling his weight cost him both his career and his health. In 2000, he passed away at the age of 34. He was posthumously inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2012.

The Children of Vera Anoa'i

Vera Anoa'i married Solofa Fatu. They had three children and two grandchildren that have competed for WWE. The first one to make it into the company was Sam, who wrestled under the names of Tama and The Tonga Kid while in the company. When he entered the company, he was involved in Jimmy Snuka's feud against Roddy Piper and his minions. He would later go on to become one-half of The Islanders with Haku, where they infamously dog-napped Matilda, the mascot of the British Bulldogs.

Solafa Fatu, Jr. would go on to wrestle under the names of Fatu and Rikishi. As Fatu, his greatest success was as part of The Samoan Swat Team and The Headshrinkers with his cousin. After the team broke up, he changed his name to Rikishi and became famous for giving the Stink Face, a move that saw him rub his butt cheeks into his opponent's face.

Eddie Fatu first made a name for himself as Jamal, one-half of the tag team Three Minute Warning. Their most infamous moment was breaking up the wedding of Billy and Chuck. He would later be repackaged as Umaga where he was a part of the Battle of the Billionaires and represented Vince McMahon in a match where Vince and Donald Trump each put their hair on the line. Eddie passed away in 2009 at the age of 36.

The Usos

Jimmy and Jey Uso are the first representatives of the fourth generation of the family to compete in WWE. The twin brothers are the sons of Rikishi. Jimmy Uso is married to WWE Diva Naomi.