Why You Need to Send a Handwritten Note to Your Friend

Personalized Notes Help Nurture a Friendship

Sasha Bell/Moment/Getty Images

Who writes letters anymore? They don't even teach handwriting in school these days. But that's exactly why you need to write your friend a letter once in a while. That letter could be something your friend holds on to for years, re-reading it whenever they feel down or miss you. Letters that tell a friend you're pulling for them or are happy to have them in your life can turn around a bad day or give your friend confidence on one of those really awful days where nothing goes your way. Handwritten cards and letters can nurture a friendship in lasting ways.

It's Rare to Receive a Handwritten Letter Today

The way we "talk" today is fast and often impersonal. We might send a tweet out to someone to say happy birthday rather than write them a card. We might tell them we're thinking about them through an email that will get put in an electronic trash can and never looked at again.

But a handwritten card is something different. If you really want to show your friend you're thinking of them, take the time to write out a note by hand. This will get your friend's attention from the minute they see the envelope interspersed among the pile of bills they receive in their mailbox until the time they open it and set it out on their desk. It's not easy to toss a handwritten letter. There is something about it that makes you want to hang on to it.

Individual Details Make Letters Special

Even writing something as simple as "I'm thinking of you" can help make your friend's day. But if you really want to show them they are special to you, choose your words carefully. Make the details of the letter or note personal. One way to do that is to mention things like:

  • Private jokes you share.
  • Qualities about your friend that are unique to them.
  • Ways that they have helped you in the past.
  • Special memories you have.
  • Words of encouragement that they have shared with you.
  • Days of importance in your friendship.

A compliment given in a letter is something that will be doubly felt. Your friend will see it in your own pen and it will have more meaning because of the time and effort it took to write it out. 

One way I have used handwritten notes in the past was to continually thank the friends that stood up in my wedding for being part of my day. Every year on my anniversary, I penned a note to my bridesmaids thanking them for sharing one of the best days of my life.

You can also include fun bits of trivia in your card. It doesn't always have to be something serious. Look up your friend's favorite celebrity birthday or the latest quirky holiday that might apply to them, and send them a card that makes them laugh and also feel special. (Here's some fun holidays you can include.)

Save Your Note for a Special Occasion

Wait until your friend needs some extra TLC or has an exciting life change before you send a note. Thank you notes are another great way to let a friend know you appreciate them.

Sometimes you'll experience an event unrelated to your friendship which will prompt you to feel especially grateful. This is a good time to get out your pen and paper and jot down a note letting your friend know that their relationship means a lot to you. 

No matter the reason for sending the card, your friend will probably hold on to it and pull it out during times when they need to feel some extra care. Maybe one day you two will have a fight and a card you've sent in the past will remind them that your friendship deserves another chance. Maybe they'll be feeling low one day and will go back to the card you sent in order to lift their spirits. You never know how some heartfelt words penned by hand will continue to nurture your friendship years down the line.