Why Would You Ever Create an Internet Meme?

Memes are viral curiosities that spread through hyperlinks and email. They are modern cultural artifacts that become famous through 'social infection'. These meme curiosities are usually absurd humor photos and curios videos, but memes can also have deep political and cultural undertones. If you find memes interesting, then definitely consider starting one yourself. Here are several reasons why it could be worth your time to create a meme and prepare it to go viral...

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For the Challenge of It

Meme: for the Challenge of It!
Why You Would Ever Create a Meme: for the Challenge of It!.

Perhaps a friend dared you to make a meme. Perhaps you're just curious how inane photos and videos can become cultural phenomenons. Maybe you would like the minor fame of making a meme popular. For whichever reason, you decide that want to take on the challenge of finding a photo, converting it into something humorous, and making it go viral on the Web. It's as good a reason as any!

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To Make a Political Statement

Political Meme
Why You Would Ever Create a Meme: to Make a Political Statement Through Humor.

Yes, politics and political elections are substantially influenced by online culture. A meme with political humor attached to it can virally spread awareness of an issue or can help to reinforce growing attitudes and prejudices. Election outcomes have been immeasurably influenced by how people supported or attacked politicians through memes and captioned meme photos.

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To Promote Awareness of Current Events and Issues

Meme:Promoting Awareness of GMOs
Why You Would Ever Create a Meme: You Wish to Promote Awareness of Current Events and Issues.

Perhaps you want to draw attention to genetically modified organisms in our food chain. Or perhaps you want people to know more about environmental concerns or human rights violations around the world. Whichever cause you wish to support, memes can be an infectious and (dark) humorous way to spread your message.

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To Make Money Through Advertising and Syndication

Money making meme
Why You Would Ever Create a Meme: To Make Money Through Advertising and Syndication.

While the odds will be against you at first, it is possible to convert memes into a source of income as lucrative as a part-time job. Rebecca Black, for example, is an amateur vocalist who parlayed her unremarkable 'Friday' singing performance into a part-time income via YouTube advertising (yes, people clicked on and shared her 'Friday' music video, believe it or not). On a larger money-making scale, the I Can Has Cheezburger network is a meme-sharing property that has successfully transformed captioned photos of cats into a reader mecca online. The advertising income generated by the Cheezburger site network is estimated at over 30 million dollars in the last 4 years, all revolving around animal memes. 4Chan and Memestache are two other examples of how memes can become reader destinations that generate money through advertising.

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To Spread Pro- or Anti-Religion Messages

Meme: with Mark Twain quote
Why You Would Ever Create a Meme: to Spread Pro-Religion or Anti-Religion Messages.

While memes could be easily used to promote/attack any idea, it is particularly common lately that people use memes to spread their sentiments about their religious faiths. Similarly, atheists and non-religious pundits will use memes to dismantle the assumptions behind religious beliefs. Just like with politics, memes can influence religious attitudes by comically supporting or attacking a particular belief system.

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To Poke Fun at Your Personal Friends

Meme Poking Fun at a Friend
Why You Would Ever Create a Meme: Because You Want to Poke Fun at a Friend.

If you happen to have a comical photo of your friends in unflattering poses, then you can have some fun at their expense by posting online it as a captioned meme. Ideally, you'll demonstrate good taste when you caption your friends' pictures, but either way, it is very possible to give your pals a good ribbing through the Web. If you're feeling particularly cruel, you can even publish the unflattering photo in an open meme forum, and invite strangers to caption your friends' pictures for you!

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Because You're Angry That Other People Can Make Unremarkable Photos Famous!

Other People Can Turn Stupid Photos into Viral Trends!
Why You Would Ever Create a Meme: Because You're Angry That Other People Can Turn Stupid Photos into Viral Trends!.

Yes, let's say it the way it is: you are angry that someone's inane photo can become an internet phenomenon. It's not fair that someone's internet drivel can become popular and money-making, when your own drivel is far more interesting! Each of us possesses personal photos that are more compelling than most existing memes. And indeed, this is perhaps the greatest reason of all to start your own meme: your content is just as good, if not better, than the current memes that are out there!