Why Don't Lesbians Have Sex with Men if They like Dildos?

Question: Why Don't Lesbians Have Sex with Men if They like Dildos?

Dear Lesbian Life
I watched Real Sex on HBO today about lesbians wearing strap ons.
If you are lesbian and into woman why wear a strap on instead of being with a man?
Chuck Cox


Dear Chuck:

The simple answer is because a woman is wearing it. Sexual attraction is about more than the physical act of sex, it's about the person you're doing it with.

Let’s face it.

Penetration feels good. At least to those who enjoy penetration. Just because a woman wants to experience penetration does not mean she wants to have sex with a man. Actually, that is one of the biggest sexual myths about lesbians. Another myth is that the female partner who wears a dildo wants to “be” a man. Not true.

Think about it this way. You’re a man. Either a man or a woman could perform oral sex on you. Although both might feel good, I bet there is one you would prefer to have sex with.

Sexuality and sexual attraction is about so much more than the pieces and parts that touch one another when we make out or make love. What makes someone lesbian, bisexual, gay or straight is still not understood.

Also, I should point out that sexual behavior is not the same as sexual orientation. Just because you let another man give you oral sex would not necessarily mean you are gay. Likewise, there are women who identify as lesbian who do sometimes have sex with men.

Some do it for survival, some do it for pay and some do it because they enjoy it. Regardless, they are still lesbian.