Why Bowling Is a Great First Date

Bowling on a first date
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When it comes to first dates, it seems that meeting someone for drinks, frozen yogurt, or coffee has become the standard. But if you're looking for something a bit more exciting, fun and out-of-the-dating box, there are seven key reasons why bowling should be your next go-to first date activity. Bowling provides the perfect venue to strike up a conversation as you're trying to throw strikes.

1. Bowling Can Help the Conversation Flow 

First dates are often a bit nerve-wracking and stressful, since you never know if you're going to end up liking this person, have anything in common or have things to talk about.

These anxiety levels can skyrocket when you're simply sitting and staring at each other at a bar or coffee shop. However, when you're bowling with one another, the activity itself is a guaranteed conversation topic, and it can be a great conversation catalyst to get to know your date in new ways.

2. A Little Friendly Competition Never Hurt Anyone 

Another selling point when it comes to bowling is that the competition can help to create some flirtatious vibes between you and your date. Not only can it help the sparks fly, the competition can also help spark the discussion of your next date together. For instance, whoever wins the first round of bowling has to buy a round of drinks on your next date.

3. Bowling Is a Relaxed Environment 

An additional perk of choosing bowling as your go-to first date is that it enables you to get to know your date in a laid back, indoor atmosphere — and in relaxing attire!

Rather than strapping on high heels, a tie or wearing fancy clothes, you can put on something comfortable, which can in turn help you feel more comfortable on the date. You'll also get to rent classic bowling shoes (or bring your own), which can immediately generate some laughter and add to the laid back and lighthearted nature of the date itself.

4. You Don't Have to Be an Expert Bowler

When it comes to putting a spin on first dates, bowling can be a great activity no matter your skill level. While you certainly don't have to be a pro bowler to enjoy bowling, it can still be fun even if you only throw gutter balls. This can actually create the perfect opportunity for your date to step in and give you some pointers. And being someone who can roll with the punches and have a good time in spite of a low score is an attractive quality regardless.

5. One Game of Bowling Doesn't Take Too Long

Since you never know if you're going to like the person you meet on a first date, another benefit of bowling is that one game doesn't take an exorbitantly long amount of time. And if you're not truly interested in your date and aren't hitting it off as much as you'd like, you can get through one game with time to spare. However, if you end up liking this person and want to spend more time with him or her, you always have the option of playing another game and prolonging your time together.

6. Many Bowling Alleys Have Bar-Like Amenities 

If you're going bowling on a first date, there are plenty of venues that serve alcohol, bar food, and other tasty treats right at your lane.

Not only can this help add to the fun and lighthearted nature of your time together, but many daters prefer to have drinks and snacks available to them just as a way to loosen up and help keep the conversation rolling. It also allows you and your date to take a bit of a bowling break and get to know each other's drink and food preferences. Do you both love Moscow mules and chili cheese fries? Now you know!

7. Bowling Isn't Too Expensive 

If you're looking for a first date idea that won't break the bank, bowling itself isn't too expensive. You can pay by the hour or per game, and you don't have to leave the alley feeling as though you overpaid or went over-budget. For those who are money savvy and want the most bang for their buck, going bowling on a first date can help you strike gold in many ways.