Which Casinos Offer the Best Comps?

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Ever wonder where you get the best casino comps? Comps come in all shapes and sizes and vary by the casino and geographic location. Figuring your comp value as it relates to your play can be confusing, especially since casinos rarely give you a rate or ratio you can apply to your range of play. To start with, you need to join a casino's player's club and use your card when gambling.

Generally, the casinos of Nevada are similar to those of Atlantic City, Mississippi, and Illinois. However, the location of the casino can make a big difference. While most Atlantic City casinos comp very strictly based on what has accumulated on your player's club card, some Nevada casinos are not nearly as strict, although the larger Strip casinos do seem to follow this trend.

You should feel free to ask one of the player's club hosts or a Pit Boss what the comp rate is for your play. Try to get an hourly rate from them. Most of these people know what the rate for their casino is, but may not be at liberty to tell you.

Your question may receive an answer such as, "we comp $2 for an hour of $25 bets." So if you play $25 per hand of blackjack, you can expect to accrue $10 in comp value for five hours of play. Some clubs comp more, some comp (seriously) less. For instance, at the Las Vegas South Point casino, they offer 1 point for every $1 played in the slots. 4,000 points are good for $12 in comps or cash.

Important Tips and Tricks

Obviously, you need to always use your card, but your rate of tracking for table games can easily be influenced. Many supervisors look at the first bet they see when they pick up your card and write that down or enter that amount into the computer system. If you average $25, don't start in the basement with a $5 bet when you hit the table. That could cost you a lot in the old comp bank! And, don't be afraid to ask a supervisor what your average bet is. When you do this they will invariably give you a higher number, to be nice and not have to fight with you. Really.

Heading to Nevada?

If you are heading to Nevada, consider for a moment what type of player you are. If you need to be in Vegas, well, go to Vegas, but if you want comp value, there are lots of choices!

Casinos that cater to locals in Las Vegas are off the Strip and generally have more liberal comp policies. And, because their room rates and meals are much cheaper than the Strip resorts, the comp points you earn go a lot further.

If you want real value right now, even lower limit (read: $5 bet) players can find deals in places like Laughlin. The town is 100 miles from Las Vegas along the Southern Nevada border with Arizona. The town boasts nine casinos along the Colorado River and room rate specials often run $39 or less mid-week and meals are still a good value. When you get a complimentary meal at Don Laughlin's Riverside for the Prime Rob Room overlooking the Colorado River, it won't take all your comp points because the meals start at $14.95

If you head down the road a few miles to the Avi Casino, you'll find a casino that loves to comp players. They still offer a double comp on your play, meaning you get comp points to use for meals and rooms, plus all of your points count towards cash-back.

If you are spending time in Northern Nevada, Lake Tahoe is wonderful, but the comp value in Reno is much better. This is partly because like Laughlin, the room rates are more reasonable in the larger town of Reno.

Reno offers more than a dozen hotel casinos and you can always find great meal values (like $2.29 breakfasts etc.) and reasonable room rates. Because the town offers lower limit gaming than Las Vegas, most of the casinos provide a better comp value than Las Vegas casinos.