Discover the Best Acrylic Paint to Use Outdoors in a Hot Climate

Person painting outside.
victoriabee / RooM / Getty Images

"I'm an artist in Miami. I currently paint for indoor use only. I use acrylic (Deco Art Americana paints) on wood, which work very well. Now I have come to a challenge; I need to paint a piece thats going to be hung on the wall of a city hall in Miami, this is outdoors. What can you recommend in regards to acrylics and finishes that can have an extensive variety of colors and that can also with stand the Miami weather?" -- M.B.

Almost any acrylic (except the really cheap stuff with low pigment in the mix) should be fine, the key would be to seal it when finished with a quality UV varnish to protect it from the weather and ​sun.

Color Choice

For very wide color choice, look at the acrylics from Golden Artist Colors, but all the major brands of acrylic produce a good range of colors and availability is probably more important.

Artist's acrylics come in different formulations. Heavy body or tube acrylic paint is like soft butter. Fluid acrylic comes in a bottle and is more like ink. You may find the fluid type runnier than what you're used to using and the heavy body thicker.

Manufacturers for Exterior Use

Various paint manufacturers produce a UV varnish designed for exterior use. Look for one that's removal as well as suitable for outdoors (such as Golden's Mineral Spirit Acrylic Varnish with Ultraviolet Light Stabilizers) as then it could be removed and replaced at a later date if it becomes too dirty or scratched.