Where to Wear Your Prom Dress Again

Your prom gown is perfect for weddings, mixers and more

Your prom gown is hanging in your closet, still looking as elegant and gorgeous as it did the day you tried it on for the first time and fell in l-o-v-e with it. Sigh. It’s also probably one of the most expensive dresses you’ve ever purchased, and it would be nice to be able to wear it again. Unfortunately, a formal dress isn’t something you’re going to be wearing every day or even every week. But there are more than a few special occasions in a girl’s life where a prom dress could be re-worn.

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Wear It for College Dances and Mixers

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If you’re heading off to college in the fall, keep this in mind: you’re among an entirely new crowd who has never seen anything you’ve worn before, including your prom dress. If the occasion calls for formal attire, re-wear your gown to sorority or club mixers and college dances.

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Wear It for a Wedding

If your cousin’s wedding is set to be a fancy affair, your prom dress could be the perfect gown, especially if it’s going to be a black-tie event. Just make sure your prom gown doesn’t look too bridal, as you don’t want to upset her on her big day. What qualified as "too bridal?" Think dresses in white, ivory or cream and anything with pale-colored lace. However, if your dress only has hints of white interspersed with other colors, then it should be okay.

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Wear It for a Pageant

If you’re already a pageant girl, you’ve probably considered wearing your prom dress to compete for a title. But if you’ve never tried pageants and you’ve always wanted to, this could be your chance! You already have the dress, the shoes and the accessories you need to enter. Now all you need is to perfect that beauty walk!

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Wear It on New Year's Eve

New Year’s parties are a time to get glam and welcome in the new year with plenty of sparkle. They could also be an excuse to re-wear your prom dress and feel like a princess of the night all over again. Dress it down by adding a fun jacket and opaque tights to ward off shave-ruining goose-bumps.

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Wear It to a Marine or Army Ball

If you’ve got a boyfriend or know a guy who is serving the country, chances are his unit will have an annual ball where formal attire is a must. These are almost like proms for soldiers- everyone dresses up, takes a date and dances the night away. If you’re lucky enough to snag an invite to one of these events, your prom gown will make the perfect ensemble.

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Wear It for a Girl's Night Out

Got a bunch of friends who also want to wear their prom gowns again? Make a night out of it! Get all dressed up, go out to dinner and then hit the town for mini-golf, a concert, comedy club, dance club or even an arcade. You’re sure to attract lots of attention and capture some amazing photos along the way.

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Wear It for a Charity Event

If you’re a budding socialite who is working on her social calendar, you may have the opportunity to attend a summer charity event with the it-gals of your town. To ensure that you stand out and make a good impression, wearing a fancy gown is often a must.

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Have It Altered for a Semi-Formal Event

If you don’t have any formal events coming up, but have a few parties that still require a cute dress, consider getting your dress altered. Shortening a dress hem to make it knee-length or creating a high-low hem out of a floor-length one can make your dress look totally different. Also consider adding a funky belt, switching up your jewelry or changing up your hairstyle to turn your prom ensemble into something a little more casual.