Where to Shop for Androgynous Clothes and Accessories

What's that you say? Just hit up the men's section for your androgynous staples? That tactic will certainly work for some items and some body shapes, but not for others. Women's suiting is typically constructed to look feminine and doesn't feel androgynous enough, and shirts are often too fitted and low-cut. But men's suiting is constructed for men's figures which are generally curve-free, and can pull in a few key spots. When it comes to casual wear, it can be challenging to strike that balance between clothes that feel slightly masculine-of-center or genderless and clothes that actually fit your body and feel great. Luckily, there are a handful of amazing clothing lines aimed at women who love to dress like tomboys, men who prefer more neutral looks, and people of all gender identities seeking to explore mall-bought alternatives. Here's a list of some of the best established and up-and-coming lines of clothing that do androgyny superbly.

Saint Harridan

 Like many of the lines and shops featured here, Saint Harridan was born when a woman looking for a menswear-style suit had a frustrating experience. The brand was launched through a Kickstarter campaign. Although Saint Harridan does pop-up shops, it is mainly online and focused on suiting, shirts, and accessories. The Parker Quasi-custom Shirt is a favorite, and wearers can select options based on their chest, neck, and sleeve measurements. The Parker is made with a close-fitting neck so it can be worn with a tie. More »

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Haute Butch

 Although suiting is one of the hardest categories to fit and has spawned several androgynous clothing lines, Haute Butch sells everything from dress shirts and bow ties to sportswear and shoes. The  unique and affordable outerwear options are especially fabulous. More »

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Androgyny brand shirt

This brand focuses exclusively on dress shirts re-engineered to fit the female body. The shirts feature distinctive design details like an extra button to prevent gapping and contrast trim, are made in small batches in San Francisco, so they tend to sell out quickly. More »

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Veer NYC

Veer NYC

Veer describes itself as a "retailer of contemporary fashion for women seeking clothing that blurs the lines of modern masculine and feminine style." Designs tend to be either sporty or avant-garde rather than interpretations of traditional menswear and suiting designed to fit women. You'll find drop-crotch trousers and hoodies alongside button-fronts and baseball jackets.

Sharpe Suiting

 As its name implies, Sharpe focuses on tuxedos, suits, shirts, vests, and trousers. Although the company will eventually offer ready-to-wear, for the time being if you want to purchase from Sharpe you must schedule a consultation at their Los Angeles headquarters. You select fabrics, design details, style, and fit when purchasing a bespoke Sharpe suit. More »


Although VEEA stocks a few sweaters and jackets, shirts are the main focus. They're designed for a menswearish fit, but many include eye-catching design details like contrasting pockets and side panels. Choose from tailored fit or loose fit. More »

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This shop boasts celebrity fans including Ellen Page, Kristen Stewart, and Janelle Monáe, and stocks everything from bomber jackets and blazers to boots, shoes, suspenders, sweats, and arty graphic tees. Button-front shirts with masculine styling are available, though most are fairly casual. The Wildfang Black Label Collection includes a handful of suiting-inspired pieces. More »

Another brand on the way ...

One to keep watch for? Butch Baby, a maternity/alternity clothing line for pregnant masculine, transgender, and queer individuals. They're hoping to launch in late 2015, so stay tuned! Another specialty line is Fourteen, which focuses exclusively on formalwear.