Where to Buy Vintage Ski Clothing

Ski clothing retail
Per Magnus Persson/Getty Images

Why would anyone want to wear vintage ski clothing? Well, vintage apparel is trending, so there's no surprise that some skiers are looking to deck out in retro ski wear, too.

Rocking a bright, neon ski-suit can be a great conversation starter at the apres-ski bar. Also, some ski resorts host "retro ski days" where you can score a discounted lift ticket if you show up in vintage ski wear.

Here's a look at skiing in vintage ski clothes, including what to wear and where to shop.

Can You Ski in Vintage Ski Clothing?

A word of warning: vintage ski gear isn't necessarily your best bet for function. Over time, the features necessary to keep you warm and dry - like waterproof fabric coating, windproof fibers, and insulation - wear out over time. Not to mention, each year ski wear technology improves significantly, so when skiing in vintage gear, you'll be behind the times in more ways than one.

But, that's not to say you can't swap out "function" for "fun" every now and then. If you're looking for a funny ski outfit, look no further with these awesome stores, where you can buy hilarious vintage ski clothing.

Where to Buy Vintage Ski Jackets, Pants, and Accessories

1. Shinesty.com

Shinesty sells rad men's and women's one-pieces in a plethora of neon colors, retro prints, and 70s fits.

2. Retro Ski Shop
This shop has a massive collection of vintage ski apparel, from the classic onesie to trucker hats, windbreakers, vests, and sweaters. The best perk of shopping from Retro Ski Shop? You can even rent retro ski wear if you just want to ski – and party – for a few days, then return your gear and go back to the future the next day.

3. Tuckernuck
Tuckernuck sells a curated collection of retro ski wear, including jackets, sweaters, and one-pieces, at prices that are pretty low.

4. Vintage Trends
Vintage Trends has a wide range of vintage ski apparel, perfect if you're looking for something that's a little more subdued than your typical bright, neon retro finds.

5. Retro Mountain
If you're looking for ski wear that's got a vintage look but twenty-first-century quality, Retro Mountain's your go-to choice.

6. VintageSki
From t-shirts to posters, vintage skis (best fit for decoration, of course), VintageSki has a rotating collection of hand-picked retro ski stuff.

7. Vintage Ski World
Vintage Ski World is like a department store of retro ski supplies. Shop a collection of both antique and antique-inspired skiing-related items, from posters, ski poles, throw pillows to jigsaw puzzles.

8. Neon Stock Yards
This neat store makes for a fun, funky online shopping experience. Browse one-piece suits, fanny packs, ski pants and jackets, duffel bags, backpacks and more.

Can't find what you like? Don't forget that Etsy and eBay are also great resources for vintage ski apparel. Although they aren't quite curated as the stores listed above, sometimes they can be a treasure trove for random vintage finds.