Where to Buy Pre-Owned Maternity Wear Online

A peek a 10 of the hottest online purveyors of used maternity clothes

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Pre-owned maternity wear is growing in popularity. Whether you're on a budget or simply appreciate the practicality of saving big bucks on a temporary wardrobe, buying clothes used makes a lot of sense.

The following shops offer all kinds of pre-owned maternity wear, all of it pre-selected and cleaned according to very strict standards. Some stores are straightforward shops, selling the basics and designer labels at great prices. Others offer clothes on consignment, meaning you can sell your stuff back to them when you're done with them. A few provide pregnant women with the chance to actually rent entire maternity wardrobes, or even just that one fantastic gown for a special occasion!

With this much marvellous fashion to choose from, who can resist?

Pre-Owned Maternity Wear

Nine Little Months

"Nine Little Months Gently Used Maternity offers stylish, gently used maternity wear that you can feel comfortable wearing throughout your pregnancy. Our clothes have been gently used by other mommies and are now looking for new homes. Each item is carefully chosen with an eye for quality and style. Why pay a fortune for clothes that you will wear for only a few months? At Nine Little Months, you can purchase fantastic fashions at discount prices. We only have one of each item, so don't hesitate!"

Free shipping on orders over $70, and $8 flat-rate shipping applies below that.

Craving Style Maternity

"The goal of our site is to offer women a variety of stylish maternity clothing that doesn't have to put a pinch in your clothing budget. Many times these clothes are only worn a few times, for a few short months, so paying $50 to $60 a garment is outrageous. Why not look like you've spent a small fortune, and only you will know! We are your premier source for today's latest trends in maternity fashions, new and pre-owned, all at amazing prices."

Maternity Resale Dress for Less

"If you are searching for stylish maternity clothing but don't want to pay a fortune for a temporary wardrobe, you've come to the right place! Paying retail for maternity clothes you'll wear for just a few months sounds as crazy to us as it does to you. Maternity Resale was founded by a new mother when her search for a fair priced maternity wardrobe fell short. Other online stores offered high-end resale maternity garments, but the high prices reflected the fancy brand names. Maternity Resale was launched to make feeling your best affordable."

Maternity Consignment

Encore Maternity

"Encore Maternity Inc. was founded by fashion maven from New York City, Lauren Maslin. The concept behind Encore Maternity was to create a solution for expectant mothers who wanted high style at affordable prices. Encore Maternity shoppers enjoy gently used items ranging from a simple pair of maternity Seven Jeans to a couture dress by Missoni. Each item is 'green cleaned' and ready to wear upon receipt."

(Check out Lauren Maslin, founder of Encore Maternity, and her tips for travelling while pregnant!)

Second Peek Maternity Boutique

"A one-stop online maternity resale shop, Second Peek Maternity carries one of the largest and best selection of pre-loved maternity wear at up to 90 percent off retail. Rifle through our virtual racks of inexpensive maternity tops, discount designer maternity jeans and gently used maternity ​dresses, and shop from a variety of designer maternity and store brands."

Bump to Bump

"Bump to Bump is an online maternity consignment boutique! Along with providing a great selection of affordable, gently used maternity clothes, we offer new items such as handmade nursing covers, ultrasound frames, belly casts and more. We also take recycling/repurposing to a new level: We convert wedding dresses into beautiful heirloom baptism gowns. Free shipping on orders of $75 or more."

Belly and Babe

"Why pay top dollar for clothing that will only be worn for a short period of time? Our mission at Belly and Babe is to provide new and expecting mothers with stylish, designer-label maternity and baby wear at affordable prices. We also give women the opportunity to earn a little spending money by consigning maternity wear they no longer need and children's clothes that they can no longer wear."

Maternity Rentals


"Perfect for special occasions! Online renting is the new online shopping! Here's how it works: Choose your dresses; checkout; dresses arrive by FedEx; look fabulous at your event; put dresses in the included pre-paid polybag; drop in the mail, and you're done. There's free return shipping for paid rentals and a free 48-hour try on period."

Mine For Nine

"Stylish maternity clothes... flexible commitment! Retail therapy for pregnant women, minus the guilt! There's a smart, new way to shop for stylish, maternity clothes and it's called Mine for Nine. MINE offers pregnant women an alternative to purchasing an expensive maternity wardrobe or supplements the one you already have by offering maternity clothing rental. Rent maternity dresses, suits, tops, pants and skirts from us at a fraction of the cost to purchase. You can borrow the size you need now (not what your changing figure will need in a few months). We bring hard-to-find maternity designers to your fingertips such as Ripe Maternity, Seraphine, Maternite, Olian, and Maternal America to name a few. And if you love it and absolutely must own it, buy it brand new from MINE."

Fashion Forward Maternity

"Rent your dream maternity looks for less. When you rent your maternity and nursing wardrobe with Fashion Forward Maternity you get the variety and high quality, designer fashions you want and deserve without spending a fortune. Choose from 12-, 18- or 26-item monthly subscriptions. The more items you choose, the bigger the discount, too!"

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