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Discount Swimwear From the Comfort of Home

Shopping for bathing suits is so universally horrible, there was an entire decade of standup comedy dedicated to the subject. OK, that and airplane food, but eventually, airlines stopped serving meals altogether, which sort of solved the problem of airplane food, while the issue of what to wear to the beach will be with us for as long as there are beaches and bodies to lounge upon them.

The big problem is that fitting room mirrors are notoriously unflattering, leaving even the least-vain of consumers in tears after a cursory attempt to find something, anything to wear to the beach this summer. The obvious solution is to order online and save yourself the awful lighting and low self-esteem. Here, in one convenient list, are the best places to do just that.

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Tankini from Amazon
Amazon has one of the largest selections of swimsuits you'll find online. Amazon

 Regardless of what type of bathing suit you're looking for, Amazon is one of the first places you should look. The Amazon.com Swim Shop is full of an embarrassment of riches -- sometimes, literally, as not every suit in this shop is as steeply discounted as the truly frugal among us might wish. The key to getting a good deal on clothes of all kinds on Amazon is to go to the left-hand navigation bar and select "$25 or under." Then you'll see only the kinds of prices you won't mind paying, even if your swimsuit gets left behind in a cabana or falls out of your beach bag at a restaurant later in the day.

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Old Navy

Bikini from Old Navy
Considering the cost and the cute styles available, Old Navy is a must-shop for cute bathing suits. Old Navy

If I had 20 dollars and nothing to wear to the beach this afternoon, my very first stop would be at Old Navy. Their swimwear collection is second to none in terms of low cost and variety, and they'll often let you mix and match tops and bottoms, a plus if your top and bottom are different sizes. They have swimsuits for everyone from babies and toddlers to plus-size pregnant ladies and everybody in between. The quality is actually pretty decent, too. Although you're not going to see competitive swimmers shopping here anytime soon, I've had Old Navy swimsuits that have lasted for years and years and show no signs of falling apart, even after heavy use.

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Swim Dress from eBay
The secret to buying swimsuits from eBay is to find one that is "NWT," aka "New with Tags.". eBay

Want vintage or retro-inspired swimwear, a discontinued style or brand, or a pricey slimming swimsuit like Miraclesuit for less? eBay is the place to go.

If you're squicked out by the idea of wearing used swimwear (and I'll be honest, I totally am) never fear: just pick a listing that says "new," with or without tags and packaging, and check the feedback to make sure the seller has a history of dealing squarely. I've gotten amazing deals on expensive designer swimwear on eBay, and never had a problem with the garments I received. (For more tips on using eBay effectively, check out Aron Hsiao's quick tips for new eBay shoppers.)

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Yellow swimsuit from Zappos
Zappos does't just carry shoes! They have a great fashion selection as well. Zappos.com

Like its corporate partner Amazon, Zappos offers a range of prices. To keep from falling in love with a $200 swimsuit, hit "lowest price" in the filter bar above the selections. You can find everything from toddler rash guards to teeny-weeny bikinis on this speedy and much-loved online retailer.

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Alloy Apparel

Plus Size Bikini from Alloy Apparel
Alloy Apparel has a cute selection of swim suits in all sizes. Alloy Apparel

If you're young, or merely young of heart you might just find what you're looking for at Alloy Apparel. They offer plus size swimsuits and traditional sizes and you'll find swimsuits that occasionally go on sale for as little as $15. A great place if you're a fashion-forward type who wants to make sure her midkini (not a typo) is on-trend on the beach.

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Swimsuits from 6pm.com
6pm.com has all styles of suits at prices way below retail. 6pm.com

Want designer swimsuits, but can't afford to pay full price?? 6pm.com is the place for you. They carry brand names like Badgley Mischka, Lacoste, and Tommy Bahama and sell them at steep discounts. They even have some suits for as little as $10.

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Urban Outfitters

Bikini from Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters has lots of cute mix and match swimsuit styles. Urban Outfitters

Most of the time, Urban Outfitters runs on the pricey side. ($175 bikini, anyone?) However, if you keep an eye on the sales and search by price, you can occasionally find a deal on a trendy swimsuit. Just keep in mind that bikini tops and bottoms are sold separately so that $30 bikini might actually turn out to be a $60 bikini -- not such a great deal for a couple tiny pieces of cloth.

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American Eagle Outfitters

Bikini from American Eagle
The swimsuits at American Eagle are super cute and budget-friendly!. American Eagle

If you're a one-piece kind of girl, this site won't be much use to you -- on the day when I wrote up this piece, it was almost entirely bikinis. However, if you like to let your midriff be free, you'll love AE's cheap prices and frequent sales. Again, tops and bottoms are sold separately, but the prices are clearly marked and as cheap as $18 each.

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Bikini from ASOS
ASOS has beautiful swimsuits for women of all sizes. ASOS

Ah, ASOS, a friend of the broke, plus-size girl (as well as the not-so-broke, not-so-plus-size girl who just likes to save a buck or two, while looking super cute). The UK-based company has a separate U.S. website that offers all kinds of trendy, wallet-friendly apparel in prices as low as $20 (and sometimes less). You can search their massive database of swimsuits by style, size, or bust size. There are mix and match bikinis, coverups, even maternity swimsuits.

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Land's End

Swimsuit from Lands' End
Lands' End has a nice assortment of modest swimsuits. Lands' End

If you think swimsuits with skirts are just for grandmas, you haven't shopped at Land's End recently. Their SwimMinis are basically cute little tennis skirts that you wear while you go for a swim, and although the retailer isn't the cheapest of the cheap, regular discounts and sales make this site worth keeping in your bookmarks to check for deals.

There are plenty of shopping options!

Regardless of what type of suit you're looking for there are so many shopping options these days that you should easily be able to find a flattering budget-friendly suit that will make you feel great on the beach!