Where to Buy Authentic Nike Air Jordans Shoe Online

Web Retailers of Real Jordan Shoes

Air Jordan XII - Playoffs
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If you're looking for Air Jordans (Jordan shoes), you may have realized what a task it can be to find them. Well, you may be able to find shoes that resemble them, but they might not be the real-deal Nike product.

There is a lot of money to be made off of officially licensed and collectible footwear, so there are tons of fakes floating around. Often, you can tell by the quality of the site that the goods aren't real. Other times, the ultra-low prices may be the give-away. But, even if the price is right and the shoes look authentic, you could be purchasing from an unauthorized or black market retailer.

Placing an order with one of these sites could have one of several different outcomes, but none of them are good. You may get knock-offs instead of what you were hoping for, and in some cases you won't get anything. No matter how often you write or call their "customer service" line.

In short, this is definitely one of those times to remind yourself that if "it seems too good to be true, it probably is."

Where to Buy Real Air Jordans Online

Below are some online shoe stores that carry the real deal, including hard to find styles and sizes; used Jordans; retro styles and some great deals and sales on newer releases.
The Official Nike Store - The Best Place to Start

Nike.com features a full line of Jordans, and if you're lucky enough to visit at the right time, you might catch a great sale. Also, be sure to click the "STORES NEAR YOU" link at the bottom of the site to find local authorized retailers and factory outlet stores.
Eastbay.com - Large Selection of New Styles and Great Sales

A subsidiary of Foot Locker, Inc. Eastbay.com carries a fairly large selection of new Air Jordans for men, women and kids. Plus, they offer some great sales, and it seems like they always have discount codes that can be applied to your order. So, if you find something you like, and you think you can afford to wait a bit, either check back often, or sign up for their email newsletter to see if you can get a bit off the regular price. (Buy Direct)
InStyleShoes.com - New and Retro Styles from Reputable Dealer

In addition to having a plethora of information about sneakers, this site carries both new and used authentic Air Jordans.

As you'd expect, sizes are sometimes limited, but there are a lot of models to choose from. And, if you're looking for hard-to-find, authentic Jordan shoes, you'll definitely want to give InStyleShoes.com a look.

They have a stellar reputation, and have been selling 100% authentic goods since 1999. Additionally, ISS has been recommended in the forums of popular sneaker sites NikeTalk.com and SoleCollector.com for years, so if you're still unsure about their legitimacy, you can pop-in either of those forums and read about others' experiences.

UpTempoAir.com - Limited Edition, Hard to Find and Retro Styles

UpTempoAir sells through a variety of outlets, including Amazon.com, eBay, and of course, their own site. And, they have great customer reviews on all of them. As a buyer of authentic collections, this retailer has a good selection of Air Jordans for men, women and kids, and some pretty decent prices. Whether you're looking to buy or sell legitimate collectible sneakers, you'll definitely want to check them out.
FootAction.com - New and Hot Upcoming Releases

As a mainstream retailer with retail locations throughout the country, you're not going to find retro or vintage models here, but Footaction does have a good selection of new men's Jordans, and a very broad selection of sizes in stock, including much larger men's sizes.

Another cool feature available on FootAction.com is their "Release Locator" which will allow you to select upcoming hot releases, and find the store nearest you that will carry them.
Champs Sports - Fantastic Deals and Rare Sizes

Champs Sports is a U.S. national retailer that has a pretty good selection of Jordans, including styles for little kids, older children, women and men. They have some of the best prices around on current models of Jordan shoes, and if you wear an especially large men's size, you can really score some fantastic deals.