Where Should I Place My First Tattoo If I Am Big?

A chubby man gears up for a run.
vgajic / Getty Images
I would like to get my first tattoo but I am sort of big. I am overweight and I don't know where a tattoo would look best on my body. I am a woman and I have a few designs in mind. Mostly flowers and stuff. But I don't want my tattoo to make me look bigger. Should I forget getting one? Thick and Lovely

You should never "not" wear a tattoo or anything else for that matter, despite your size. If you really want to add body art to your physique you are correct in considering the best placement areas first. Partly because a first tattoo should be enjoyed by YOU, and secondly because a well planned and designed tattoo can really help add visual appeal to your body. Provided you like the look of tattoos, which you obviously do.

First, look at some of your best assets. You may be over the average weight but that does not mean you don't have a part of your body that is attractive. If you have trouble pinpointing what this asset might be, ask for the advice of both your family and friends. If you are larger, you may have some nice strong and shapely legs. If you put effort into the gym but not really your diet, you may still have a firm body despite being overweight. This means a thigh tattoo or a calf tattoo could look really sexy on you.

How about your face? Is it one of your most complimented features? If so you may consider a collarbone tattoo to bring the attention up north. A pretty cameo design or a floral piece placed along this area can help enhance the curvature of your body without adding weight. Consider the idea of a jewelry tattoo or even a permanent necklace.

Another option is to do the opposite and go for something smaller in scale. While you may think that your larger frame is better suited to a larger design, which it likely is, you can also go small and wear a verse or a tiny symbol and that won't add any bulk to your body in terms of excessive ink.

The thing to avoid: No matter what you do try to avoid certain areas if you are concerned about your tattoo affecting the appearance of your shape. First, avoid the lower backside. Tattoos in this area are commonly called ​tramp stamps and often do nothing to enhance the frame. Anything running horizontally is going to widen your body, so why place that at your waist?​

Another area to avoid may be your lower waist or hip. For obvious reasons this part of your body is subject to fluctuate in both size and shape, especially if you are in your childbearing years and anticipate the likelihood of pregnancy.

While you mentioned being overweight, you didn't define exactly which parts of your body carry the most weight. Some people have apple shapes with the majority of the excess weight being dominant in the midsection, and others have pear shapes with thin upper bodies and heavier bottom halves.

If you are one of the lucky ones you carry your excess weight evenly and that means that you are not any larger or smaller than the rest of yourself in any specific body spot. If that's the case, you may decide a forearm tattoo looks pretty with 3/4 sleeve blouses, or you could opt for an upper shoulder tattoo that peeks out through your flowy dress sleeves in the summer.

No matter where you place your tattoo, make sure the design is something you love and that makes you happy. Despite your size, a tattoo will become part of you, and that part can be as beautiful as you want it to be.