Where You Should Move According to Astrological Clues

On the Move

Woman packing up her belongings for a move
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Deciding where to live is a big deal. It's a question to ponder with your head and heart. You might be on the move, and like I did when I was in my twenties, stay a short while in a place. Or maybe you're ready to put down roots and/or raise a family. 

Your own astrological blueprint — the birth chart — has some clues. And then there are time markers, transits to the chart that inspire the idea of moving on. Neptune rules my chart, and some moves were predicated on a "mysterious pull." Others might be way more practical in their approach.

Coming to a decision may take time, or it could come as a flash of "rightness." A job opportunity could be the draw, or you could be lured by the terrain itself. 

Your life story, the whole chart, and your stage of life all factor in. Let's look at some simple clues from the birth chart.

It's Elemental

One broad strokes way to look at this question is to muse on your elemental nature. 

Fire sign people (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) want to be in the midst of action, stimulation, like dynamic big cities that never sleep (like Manhattan). Places with a special character that's renown, or a place of seekers, movers, and shakers. Fire signs like to move, so like to have wide open spaces, too.

Earth sign people (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo) crave green, fertile locales with lots of wild terrain to explore. Practical earth folk choose places that make sense, for making a living and creating some stability.

Air sign people (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini) thrive in cultural meccas or in places with blue-sky panoramic views. Airy folk are drawn to lively crossroads and hubs, where great ideas are hatched and refined. A town like San Francisco, with its micro-climates in each different neighborhood, appeals to air signs love of variety and constantly shifting weather. 

Water sign people are lured to water ways and places — coastal towns, islands, bays, and inlets, near lakes and rivers. Watery folk go by how they feel, and the kind of community they want to create. Some water signs may be pulled by personal connections, a friend, or ancestral tie to the land.

World Maps

There are maps available on Astrodienst that calculate your planetary lines (from your natal chart data).  Go to the Free Horoscopes Page, then the Extended Chart Selection, then click on Special Charts. From there, you can choose a world map, or one zeroing in on a continent. 

Track the different colored planetary lines and see where they pass through. I see that Venus for me passes through southern Spain, and curiously, I did have a romantic few days there, so long ago it feels like a dream. 

A client recently moved to the location of her Pluto line, and it matched expectations with a harrowing ordeal. But out the other side, and now on the move again, she has shed a skin, and is transformed.

Casting out into the world, there are also correspondences — geographic rulership of places by Zodiac sign as determined by the British astrologer Alan Leo. Other astrologers have linked them up with different variations. I'd look at these as a side dish curiosity, to any main impressions of a place from walking its streets, partaking of its atmosphere.

Best Time to Move?

When looking at transits to the natal chart, all eyes turn to the Fourth House when considering home and a possible move. Pay attention to the Zodiac sign on your Fourth House cusp, and any transits that pass over. Also, take note of planets as they move through this house — it's associated with what feels like home.

A client was tossing around the possibility of a move, and I noted Jupiter is transiting her Fourth House.  Other factors were calling for staying put, though, to stabilize her life through a very intense Pluto transit. But the idea of moving is a light in the tunnel (Jupiter) when the time is right.

Going Abroad

When it gets tough at home, the idea of starting over in a far-flung place has an appeal. The Zodiac sign on the cusp of the Ninth House and planets there (in the natal Ninth House) hint to what living abroad will be like. 

Also look at planets transiting the Ninth, like Jupiter for growth opportunities or Venus for love, a creative project or path of abundance (money flow). 

Wish List

If you're feeling done with a place, and restless for this kind of change, look to your own natal Jupiter.  Jupiter rules travel and inspiration and sometimes is the light when all other lights go out.

In these times of social isolation, some are sensing the urgent need to create community in a real way. Look to your Eleventh House of shared visions and friendships, for clues to your way of weaving the social web. 

As with all things, the whole chart has a say in decisions, especially the Sun (central purpose) and Moon (comfort zone). The Zodiac sign and House positions of the luminaries (Sun and Moon) are another guide to where you'll thrive.